BNP Clive Jefferson, YouTube, and incitement to violence


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With the infamous case of Sheppard and Whittle in the news it doesn’t seem like anti-fascists have to dig very deep to find links to organised far right groups and violent threats and intimidation. Redwatch is obviously the jewel in the crown for the far-right as far as this tactic is concerned. The BNP have, in public at least, recently tried to distance themselves from Redwatch but we know only too well that BNP members have supplied photos for the Redwatch site which promotes violence against dinner ladies, union activists, and anti-fascists.

It seems like the tactic of posting internet picture of your enemies has inspired the BNP’s Cumbrian press officer, Clive Jefferson. He now regularly posts videos of anti-fascists on YouTube under the profile name “CumbrianPatriot”. You can hear Jefferson’s pathetic comments on these video clips as he attempts to mock and deride those who protest against the BNP.

In one video clip Jefferson complains about pictures of the Nazi Holocaust on an anti BNP leaflet. The woman he is talking to complains “that’s going back to the 1940s”., as Jefferson adds “disgusting…. they’re putting that out against us.” What is Jefferson’s problem? He is happy to belong to an organisation whose leader, Nick Griffin, says;

“The “extermination” tale is a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda, extremely profitable lie and latter witch hysteria.”

“It’s well known that the chimneys from the gas chambers at Auschwitz are fake, built after the war ended.”

So he should expect a response from people who are sickened and disgusted by these claims. The Nazi Holocaust was not a mere “detail of history” but a stain on mankind.

Jefferson recently led a sorry band of out of towners into Lancaster to attempt, in their own words, to “breach the citadel”. Of course as readers of this blog know their attempts to set up a stall in the town centre met with a swift response and Jefferson, Ashburner, and a couple of friends had to make a demoralised retreat with their tales between their legs.

Their “stall” (a wallpaper paste table!) was surrounded by anti-fascists and they were unable to peddle their filthy racist bile. They packed up to shouts of “no racism in Lancaster!” from locals, and to make matters worse Jefferson was issued with a fixed penalty notice for his illegal number plate!

Fascists are often noted for their historical revisionism and it wasn’t long before Jefferson was boasting on his blog about what “potential” Lancaster had for far-right campaigning! He obviously hasn’t learnt anything from the miserable failure of Chris Hill, and the fact that the BNP has now completely folded in Lancaster, rejected by the voters, and split by internal wrangling.

Jefferson also boasted about his YouTube video of the protesters who turned out to send the BNP packing. The video titled “Lancaster UAFs finest” was another attempt to bring Redwatch tactics to YouTube. Jefferson whose nose was dribbling as he packed up the stall makes pathetic comments about protesters shaking like leaves. The video though had the desired effect and it wasn’t long before threats were being made to anti fascist activists who had been mistakenly identified.

One such threat came from someone with the YouTube profile name “destroyblackvermin” (that says it all really!). “destroyblackvermin”, as you can see from checking his profile and favourites, is rather fond of the BNP. He is also openly racist in public. You don’t have to dig very far to find comments like these posted on YouTube by this sewer dweller;

“hey black twat you can but try ..told you i eat pakis filth and inbred cunts like you for supper..just fire me your house number and street let me drip your black aids riddled blood on your doorstep you vermin..and by the way dickhead im not in bradford im in salford manchester a 99% white area…now less of the chat give us your adress or keep your black mouth shut ..and dont get your little race traitor girls doing your dirty work. destroyblackvermin

Well I wonder if Jefferson is pleased with himself knowing what sort of filth he is inspiring on the internet? “destroyblackvermin” went on to post a direct threat, on an anti-fascist YouTube profile, against someone who he thought had been identified on Jefferson’s video. It read “********** has been identified — watch your back”. The incident was reported, and, despite all the other vile racist hatred that remains on YouTube, Jefferson’s video proven to inspire racists and threats of violence was removed for “terms of use violation by user”. Of course there are still a number Jefferson’s videos on the net, but at least we have had another small victory against this man and his rather unsuccessful attempts to organise the BNP in Cumbria and north Lancashire.

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    What does B N P stand for these days, BAD NONCE POISON?

    Or does it stand for Burks Nuts & Pedofiles?

    Or is it BUSH NAZI Parasites?

  • Bob

    Some interesting stuff here about Clive Jefferson

    love this quote under The BNP leaked list article

    "The most interesting for us local anti-fascists however is underneath Clive Jefferson, the local organisers name, is the detail

    “convictions – monitor”.


  • johnb

    Lancaster unity, as all the Socialist Workers Party people are liars. They completely dodge the issue on immigration that quite simply England has the highest population density in the world right up there with Bangladesh and India. It is insane to keep paving over countryside to let more people in, especially people from cultures with high birth rates, In fact the door should have been shut ten years ago. the UK cannot feed itself and has used spinoff jobs from the City of London financial sector to stay afloat, even with these jobs it went into negative balance of payments some years ago. with the bankster financial bubble bursting the UK is headed down a financial slide. The welfare state will not be able to feed the people here. The UN general assembly unanimous declaration recognizes the rights of indigenous people to a protected homeland. That is all indigenous peoples in their homelands every where. The Declaration does not say, every culture but cultures of Caucasian peoples, it says every culture, A Briton is an ethnic description just like German or Greek or zulu Malay Philipino Chinese Tibetan Masaii Mandinka Armeniam Kurd Serb Croat Pole Hutu Tutsi Maori Dane Norwegian Egyptian Jew, Berber Persian Syrian Afghan Hindu Gurkha Ukrainian Mongol, Sicilian Japanese ETC. All are different ethnic cultures and NO ONE gets to join a different ethnicity just by moving to the land and living there a while. That is not "Racism" because for the first thing Racism isn't even a word, These separate words just give people a cultural description,a cultural identity, AND EVERY CULTURE HAS A RIGHT TO ITS OWN UNIQUE GENEALOGY AND HOMELAND NO MATTER WHAT BRAINLESS COMMUNISTS HAVE TO SAY ABOUT IT!!! The British cultures are Anglo Saxon, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh There is no culture called "AfroBriton" ,or"HindiPolish" or any other mixture. cultures are unique have developed over millennia separately and have their own distinctive traits. If people really want a multi-cultural world they will protect indigenous cultures and their homelands everywhere. when a cultural homeland is wiped out the culture dies with it!! And No the SWP won't keep the BNP out of Lancaster. The swp is the incurably stupid folk who keep promoting ,marxism long after every Marxist state has failed. You Don't sewe them marching in eastern Europe because quite frankly the people in most of those places have had their fill of the communist horror and will attack and rout these people as soon as they see the Hammer and sickle ( have you noticed now that in the last two demonstrations the SWP has hidden their red flags, JUST LIKE THEY HIDE THEIR COMMUNIST AGENDA IN THESE POSTS!! They are behind all manner of violent attacks including window smashing car bashing spray painting and even attacks on people with glass bottles and rocks, even a claw hammer to the head. They are organized gangs of thugs and should be outed as such whenever they post anywhere.

  • terence oakes

    the BNP are a none violent political party ! the people have the rite to listen and make up there own minds without intimidation from any one.We the people are not stupid We can decide for our selves,and I can assure you we have had enough of the big three and C.0.The BNP offer the only real opposition to mass murder theft lies and deceit for 60years we have lived a lie now it is time to change although it may be to late! i choose the BNP after 35years of voting liebour nothing to do with racism fascism or communism it is to do with survival ,The survival of all I love