2010 Sports Betting System Championship Results — Record Breaking Year — New York Man Wins $5.8 Million


May 17, 2010 — Las Vegas, The 2010 Sports Betting System Championships have just come to an end and one New York man is $5.8 million dollars richer. Jack Pace of Syracuse, New York has won the annual championship after blowing out the competition with a record breaking performance. Mr. Pace won a total of 83 straight bets with zero losses, winning not only the championship but thousands of fans as he rocked Las Vegas and became an instant legend.

How can one man be so lucky and defy the odds in a city where most people lose more money than they wish to admit. Mr. Pace claims it’s not gambling, it pure mathematics. He claims to have been perfecting his sports betting system over the past 9 years and can consistently when over 97% of his wagers in a variety of sports ranging from NFL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA.

Mr. Pace has garnered worldwide attention after winning every bet in the competition. Some of his competitors have even gone so far as to say he must be magic. Ryan Dietz, long time sports investor says he has been following Jack Pace’s sports betting system for years and says “Jack is an absolute mathematical genius and one remarkably nice guy.” Jack has made such a tremendous amount of money from sports betting over the last 6 years that people in Syracuse call him Mr. Lamborghini because of his collection of exotic cars including 12 Lamborghinis.

It’s reported that Jack has several famous friends that follow his every bet including some of the biggest names in sports. Jack claims to have helped hundreds of people become sports investing millionaires over the past two years alone. Jack has reportedly sold his secrets for upwards of six figures in the past but after winning the 2010 Sports Betting System Championships vows to release his system to the public. Casinos and sports books beware; you may have a new wave of millionaires coming your way.

When asked if he would be competing in the 2011 Championship, Mr. Pace replied “Same Place, Same Time!”
Jack Pace’s system is available at www.winwinsportsbetting.com

  • I was there. It was Crazy. This guy is going to turn the gambling world upside down and make a lot of people a lot of money. I just got to preview his sports betting system and I can tell you its top notch. It would be pretty hard to lose.

  • Killer Mike

    This guy is the king. I was staying at the Venetian while this was going on and he is unstoppable. People were making tons of money just following his bets. He seriously did not lose any bets and there was no way to cheat because all of the bets were locked in and visible.

  • Frank Kerb

    Anyone who knows anything about sports betting systems knows that Jack Pace is a living Legend. He has systems on top of systems for almost every sport and his systems always win a minimum of 90% of the time. It's no surprise that he won this championship. The big surprise is that he didn't lose a single bet throughout over 80 bets and it's all documented.

  • Amy Parker

    I live in Syracuse near Jack Pace and I can say that this is one rich man. He literally drives a different car every time I see him, and I'm talking about Ferrari's and crazy stuff. I've also met him and he's super nice.

  • Chris

    This is crazy, they give this guy a 5 million dollar prize for winning money betting on sports with a sports betting system , I need this guys job.

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