Thursday, January 23, 2020

War / Terror News

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MoD accused over spy plane deaths

U.S. Forces: Stay Out of Iraq

Waging War Without Declaring It

Torture Leads to Lies

Bush warns of Iraq exit terror risk

America’s Medicated Army

CIA director defends torture

CIA Terrorism Brought Home

Holocaust in Gaza

More MI5 torture claims

7 Marines held in Afghan murder probe

Palestinians: Dying to Live Free

Bush under fire over Iran claims

Gitmo Torture Appeal Rejected

VIDEO: Israeli Soldiers Speak Out

Bush Still Spinning Nukes in Iran

The Guantanamo Files

‘US cannot win in Afghanistan’

Ex-Guantanamo detainees to sue US

$3 Trillion May Be Too Low

Is Waterboarding Torture?

Mass Murder in Gaza and Ukraine

The new invasion of Iraq

American Immorality Is At A Peak

Outrage as Israel bombs UN

Blackwater Lingers in Iraq

Why must Gaza wait in the dark?

MoD accused of schools propaganda