Tuesday, March 31, 2020

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We Are Bad — Bronze Graffiti

Data Mining Your Life

Younger teens ‘to get ID cards’

Spy Satellites Turned on the U.S.

NSA’s Domestic Spying Grows

China slams US human rights report

Who Should be on The DNA Register?

Speed Cameras Spy INSIDE Cars

Lib Dems call to abandon ID cards

World crime database proposed

Nine held in ID card demo

Snowden Does a Product Endorsement

Britain cannot afford ID cards

Eerie CCTV

Edward Snowden live chat

Web Bugs & Your Privacy

The DNA database and you

Israeli satellite to spy on Iran

Spy laws track mobile phones

Patient data loss affects 168,000


The Spy Who Wants Israel to Talk

Thought Crime Prevention Bill

Biometric ID cards planned

A DNA recipe for injustice

Big brother is watching

Government fails to sell ID concept

Firms bid for ID cards contracts

NSA To Recruit Children