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Asteroid ‘Close Shave’ with Earth


A 150 foot wide asteroid is due to fly past the Earth today and is the largest one that's been ever detected this close to the planet. Asteroid 2012 DA14 is travelling at 5 miles per second and will be visible from parts of Europe and Africa, at around 19:24 GMT.

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Microsoft Hypocritically Attacks Google Over Privacy

And conveniently forgets to mention it's own privacy track record

Yes, Gmail scans every email you send or receive, and no, there isn't any way to opt-out. Yes, it probably does breach international privacy laws and yes, Google does systematically steal and abuse our data. But! let's take a closer look at Microsoft...

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DNA Anonymity Under Threat

A person donating their DNA sequence anonymously for research purposes may in fact be identified by a few simple web searches, according to a paper published today (January 17) in Science.

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Data protection agency says Facebook violates law

Data protection commissioner says social network violates law by not allowing users to use a pseudonym A German state data protection agency has threatened Facebook’s billionaire founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg with a €20,000 (£16,000) fine if Facebook does not allow ...

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Google Settles FTC Antitrust Probe

TechCrunch | As expected, the Federal Trade Commission’s Chairman Jon Leibowitz just announced at a press conference in Washington, D.C., that the agency has settled with Google to resolve the 20-month antitrust probe into the company’s alleged anticompetitive behavior. While Google ...

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Drones, phones and other 2012 privacy threats

Jaikumar Vijayan, Computerworld US | Verizon’s attempt — unsuccessful so far — to secure a patent for a so-called ‘snooping technology,’ which in this case would let television advertisers target individual viewers based on what they’re doing or saying in front of ...

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Battling over the Internet

Binoy Kampmark, dissidentvoice.org | It was once deemed the ungovernable frontier, ironic for the fact that it, itself, arose as a feature of the U.S. state apparatus.  But states have been attempting to impose some regulatory framework over the internet since ...

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Student group to sue Facebook over privacy policies

The group filed 22 complaints against Facebook Ireland before the Irish Data Protection Commissioner A student group in Austria, calling itself “europe-v-facebook.org”, is planning to challenge Facebook’s privacy policies in an Irish court where the company has its international headquarters. ...

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Police target WiFi moochers

Via Disinfo | Just in case you think you can hide your identity by using someone else’s WiFi to access the Internet, take note of this report in the Wall Street Journal: Internet-service subscribers can’t hide from police behind their IP ...

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Privacy groups respond to Facebook policy changes

Peter Gothard | Two internet privacy groups have responded to Facebook’s published intentions to share its data with recently-acquired Instagram, as well as eliminate a user voting system and loosen restrictions on who can email users with unsolicited material. The Electronic ...

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Kazakhstan sues Google, Twitter and Facebook

RT | Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LiveJournal are among the defendants in a lawsuit filed by Kazakh prosecutors seeking to shutdown some opposition media outlets in the republic. The prosecutors are demanding the websites stop publishing material from Kazakh opposition ...

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One Million Robots: Our Replacements Have Arrived

Nicholas West, Activist Post |  In the ongoing debate as to whether robots will help or hurt the job market in the U.S. and overseas, some concrete answers are beginning to appear. Foxconn is a Chinese electronics manufacturer of mobile devices and gaming consoles. The company ...

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Government surveillance is on the rise

RT | The email accounts of Generals David Petraeus and John Allen aren’t the only ones being targeted by the feds. Google has released its bi-annual transparency report and says that the government’s demands for personal data is at an ...

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Facebook censors Navy SEALs

RT | Social media giant Facebook has removed a message by the Special Operations Speaks PAC (SOS), which shed negative light on US President Obama for denying a request for military support in Benghazi before the deadly attack on the ...

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Protecting your online privacy

Alice Truong | Not all online privacy tools are created equal, but good ones do exist to safeguard your identity and personal data. The Little Snitch firewall helps savvy Mac users detect new malware on their machines, while HTTPS Everywhere ...

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Google faces monopoly abuse probe

Agence France-Presse | Google faces a moment of truth in the coming weeks over a lengthy US probe into potential abuse of its Internet search dominance, amid regulatory woes on both sides of the Atlantic. The Federal Trade Commission is ...

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Is this the beginning of the end of Google?

Google loses $26 billion due to premature report RT | Google Inc’s saw its shares crash by 9%, erasing about $26 billion off the company’s market value after its quarterly result, which fell below Wall Street’s expectations, were accidentally released ...

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Is Google habitually abusing your privacy?

Another data protection commissioner slams Google’s intrusive privacy policy - Ignored warnings that privacy policies violate data protection laws - Failed to destroy all data collected by Street View cars - Gmail sued for violating California privacy laws Image credit ...

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Service providers raise concerns over Internet censorship

Mark Jackson, ISP Review | A successful Freedom of Information (FoI) request to the UK government’s Department for Education (DfE) has revealed that broadband ISPs BT and Virgin Media have raised a number of political, technical and legal concerns with proposals to toughen censorship of adult websitesand ...

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More Facebook privacy concerns raised

Reuters | An EU lawmaker called for tighter control of on-line social networks under a data protection regulation now being debated after some Facebook users said their personal messages appeared on their public profiles. EU regulators are in the midst ...

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NZ Prime Minister admits illegally spying

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has apologised to internet piracy accused Kim Dotcom for “basic errors” made by the government’s spy agency which illegally spied on the millionaire. Mr Key ordered an investigation 10 days ago after being told ...

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