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Impeachment Refusal Means Heads Will Roll

In case you are a rabid partisan supporter of the Obama administration, or forgot your history, Richard Nixon was charged for ostensibly the same offense, that President Obama’s loyal minion Lois Lerner oversaw. Joseph Curl writes in the Washington Times, IRS scandal gets ...

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US Forced to Release Memo on Extrajudicial Drone Killing

Court-ordered release of DOJ ‘drone memo’ reveals legal arguments for targeting of US citizen Anwar al-Aulaqi in Yemen The U.S. government on Monday partially released the formerly-classified Department of Justice “drone memo,” dated 2010, in which Obama administration lawyers argue they have ...

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Our People in Ukraine Vandalize a Russian Bank

23.June.2014.Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 11.38.38 AM

Eric Zuesse  RINF Alternative News On Monday, June 22nd, a video was posted to youtube showing (starting at 3:00) a Russian bank being vandalized in Ukraine by a mob of “Right Sektor” thugs, which is the same organization who were used by Obama’s team ...

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Kerry affirms US support for Egyptian junta

Johannes Stern RINF Alternative News In a show of support for the blood-soaked military regime in Egypt, US Secretary of State John Kerry visited Cairo on Sunday. He met with his counterpart, Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry, and Egyptian President and ...

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Black Ops and PsyOps 2, Pivot

Tom Heneghan  RINF Alternative News It can now be reported that the Military Games Division of CBS radio division news has uncovered the funding mechanism for the latest NAZI Paperclip NSA PsyOp in Iraq. The funding mechanism is tied to ...

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The assassin’s guide to Western ‘democracy’

Tony Gosling What do Olof Palme, Patrice Lumumba, Princess Diana, Dr David Kelly, Robin Cook, Yasser Arafat, Slobodan Milosevic and Hugo Chavez have in common? And what about musicians that have opposed the West’s war machine such as Jimi Hendrix, ...

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Professor Francis Boyle on Impeachment of Bush and Obama

As Democratic Representative Nancy Pelosi, the Richest Representative of the One Percent in the House of Representatives, said: “Impeachment is off the table.” Nevertheless, Insouciant Californians still send The bought-and paid-for hireling to Washington In my day if an experienced ...

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Pressure on Cameron to investigate high level child abuse


RINF Alternative News A number of politicians have placed demands on the Home secretary to establish a committee to investigate past cases of child sex abuse, following a crowd-sourced campaign. Liberal Democrat MP, Duncan Hames raised the matter at prime minister’s questions,  confronting David ...

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Senate Approves Intelligence Whistleblower Rights

Whistleblower Groups Praise “First Step Toward a Safe Alternative to Leaks for Potential Whistleblowers” Today, the Government Accountability Project (GAP), Project on Government Oversight (POGO), and Public Citizen praised Senate action last Wednesday night to restore whistleblower protections that had ...

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Why Take the Neocons Seriously?

Robert Parry As President Barack Obama ponders whether the United States should respond militarily to advances into Iraq by Sunni extremists, the more pertinent question may be why does the mainstream U.S. news media give so much attention and credence ...

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How Obama Lost Iraq and the War on Terror

Shamus Cooke The fall of Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul, to an al-Qaeda linked militia elicited a curiously muted response from the Obama administration. Yes, Obama “denounced” the terrorist invasion, but when the Iraqi government asked for U.S. airstrikes to repel ...

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The Root of Our Foreign Policy Blunders

And so the inevitable is unfolding: a possible collapse of the U.S.-imposed Iraqi state, the apparent triumph of the most brutal extremists in the world, and more to come in Syria, Afghanistan, and possibly Jordan, Mali, Libya, and who knows ...

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Cameron Accused Of ‘Trojan Horse’ Hysteria

School investigators find no sign of Birmingham extremism but PM promises ‘robust’ response DAVID CAMERON stood accused of whipping up Islamophobia yesterday after promising a “robust” campaign to monitor Muslim community schools. The Prime Minister continued to ramp up his ...

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Why We Must Oppose Bilderberg

As the Bilderbergers gather in Denmark to discuss this year’s agenda, James Corbett presents “Why We Must Oppose Bilderberg” to the We The People Anti-Bilderberg Conference taking place in Copenhagen. Learn more about the history, aims, and goals of the ...

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Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs Problem

A few weeks ago, Hillary Clinton delivered a much-touted policy speech at the New America Foundation in Washington, where she talked passionately about the financial plight of Americans who “are still barely getting by, barely holding on, not seeing the rewards that they believe ...

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Hillary Clinton: Warmonger For The Bankster Elite

Unfortunately, it takes the media mouthpiece of the Russian government to tell the truth about Hillary Clinton and the War Party. You’ll never get the truth from the U.S. government’s media mouthpiece who self-righteously and disingenuously claim they are independent ...

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FBI provided Anonymous with targets, new leaks show

Leaked documents pertaining to the case against an American computer hacker currently serving a 10-year prison sentence have exposed discrepancies concerning the government’s prosecution and raise further questions about the role of a federal informant. The documents — evidence currently ...

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