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The assassin’s guide to Western ‘democracy’

Tony Gosling What do Olof Palme, Patrice Lumumba, Princess Diana, Dr David Kelly, Robin Cook, Yasser Arafat, Slobodan Milosevic and Hugo Chavez have in common? And what about musicians that have opposed the West’s war machine such as Jimi Hendrix, ...

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Pro-Diplomacy Groups Call for Congress to Clarify Iran Sanctions Letter

Twenty-six organizations called on the leaders of the House Foreign Affairs Committee today to clarify a pending Congressional sign-on letter to the President concerning nuclear negotiations with Iran. The U.S., along with UN powers, are in what may be the final stage of negotiations with Iran to secure ...

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Professor Francis Boyle on Impeachment of Bush and Obama

As Democratic Representative Nancy Pelosi, the Richest Representative of the One Percent in the House of Representatives, said: “Impeachment is off the table.” Nevertheless, Insouciant Californians still send The bought-and paid-for hireling to Washington In my day if an experienced ...

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How to Tell If Your Member of Congress Is a Crony Capitalist

Timothy Karr Last Tuesday, Rep. Eric Cantor learned the hard way that crony capitalism comes at a political cost. In a decisive 10-point upset, Cantor’s Republican primary opponent David Brat defeated the Virginia congressman after charging that he was “trying to buy this ...

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General cites official request from Iraqi government for US air strikes against Sunni insurgents

James Cogan In testimony Wednesday before the Senate Appropriations subcommittee on defence, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, said the Iraqi government of Nouri al-Maliki had formally requested that the United States assist its ...

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Rep Says Enough Votes in House to Bring Obama Impeachment

Raven Clabough According to Representative Lou Barletta, there just may be enough votes in the House to impeach President Obama. Barletta contends that Obama’s flagrant disregard for the Constitution may have created an atmosphere in which he could lose the ...

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Dick Cheney Should be Rotting in The Hague, Not Writing Editorials

The Daily Take Team, The Thom Hartmann Program If there’s one person who has absolutely zero business criticizing anyone for how they’re running the country, it’s Dick Cheney. This should be obvious to pretty everyone by now, but apparently the Wall ...

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Pressure on Cameron to investigate high level child abuse


RINF Alternative News A number of politicians have placed demands on the Home secretary to establish a committee to investigate past cases of child sex abuse, following a crowd-sourced campaign. Liberal Democrat MP, Duncan Hames raised the matter at prime minister’s questions,  confronting David ...

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Human Rights Watch’s Weak Position on Obama’s Drones

Jeff Bachman In an effort to defend Human Rights Watch against recent criticism that its cozy relationship with the U.S. government threatens its objectivity, Executive Director Kenneth Roth and Reed Brody, Counsel and Spokesperson, mistakenly thought HRW’s coverage of the ...

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The Most Destructive Presidencies in U.S. History: George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama

Reprinted with permission of Washingtons Blog Powers once granted are almost impossible to take back. After 13.5 years, there is more than enough evidence for reasonable people to conclude that the presidencies of George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama ...

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President Obama Orders US Soldiers Back to Iraq

Despite initial assurances to the contrary, new combat-ready troops already on the ground inside war-torn country As widespread unrest and civil war takes hold inside Iraq, President Barack Obama has told the U.S Congress he is sending combat-ready troops back ...

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Senate Approves Intelligence Whistleblower Rights

Whistleblower Groups Praise “First Step Toward a Safe Alternative to Leaks for Potential Whistleblowers” Today, the Government Accountability Project (GAP), Project on Government Oversight (POGO), and Public Citizen praised Senate action last Wednesday night to restore whistleblower protections that had ...

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What We’ve Lost Since 9/11: Taking Down the First Amendment in the Post-Constitutional US

America has entered its third great era: the post-constitutional one. In the first, in the colonial years, a unitary executive, the King of England, ruled without checks and balances, allowing no freedom of speech, due process, or privacy when it ...

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Buying Your Vote – Dark Money and Big Data

Theodoric Meyer Cuomo Has Raised Millions Through Loophole He Pledged to Close The governor has called for closing a gap in the state’s campaign finance laws, but he’s taken far more through the loophole than his predecessors, much of it ...

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Why Take the Neocons Seriously?

Robert Parry As President Barack Obama ponders whether the United States should respond militarily to advances into Iraq by Sunni extremists, the more pertinent question may be why does the mainstream U.S. news media give so much attention and credence ...

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How Obama Lost Iraq and the War on Terror

Shamus Cooke The fall of Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul, to an al-Qaeda linked militia elicited a curiously muted response from the Obama administration. Yes, Obama “denounced” the terrorist invasion, but when the Iraqi government asked for U.S. airstrikes to repel ...

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Hawks Push For Iraq War, The Rule Of Law Prevents It

The same people who got the US into the mistaken Iraq War are now urging President Obama to use military force in Iraq again. Republican hawks are using the violence in Iraq as a political tool that is escalating pressure ...

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Is Ukraine’s President Poroshenko Taking Orders from The CIA?

While the death toll among civilians is growing in Ukraine the United States continues its policy aimed at escalation of the conflict. It offers all kinds of support to Kiev including military aid. Deputy Secretary General Ambassador Alexander Vershbow said the ...

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The Root of Our Foreign Policy Blunders

And so the inevitable is unfolding: a possible collapse of the U.S.-imposed Iraqi state, the apparent triumph of the most brutal extremists in the world, and more to come in Syria, Afghanistan, and possibly Jordan, Mali, Libya, and who knows ...

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The Obama Administration is Trying to Cover up the VA Scandal by Issuing Subpoenas to Whistle-Blower Sites

One of the most significant realizations to emerge since the Edward Snowden revelations, is the understanding that we need more secure tools for would be whistle-blowers to more easily provide sensitive information in a secure and anonymous manner. As such, ...

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MPs claiming millions to rent second homes

Over 250 MPs are claiming more in expenses to pay rent on their second homes than the maximum a normal person living in Westminster is allowed to claim in housing benefit. According to campaign group Generation Rent, over £5 million ...

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What is the US administration’s alternative to elections it does not particularly like?

It is in everyone’s long-term interest to stop purposefully undermining developing democratic processes. Most western governments and some observers argue that the elections that took place in Syria on June 3, 2014 were not legitimate, because not all Syrians were ...

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How Obama administration arms police to the teeth with battlefield weapons

The Pentagon has an awful lot of leftovers, but luckily for law enforcement agencies across the United States they aren’t going to waste. Millions of dollars’ worth of military gear is distributed to local police forces on an annual basis, ...

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Cameron Accused Of ‘Trojan Horse’ Hysteria

School investigators find no sign of Birmingham extremism but PM promises ‘robust’ response DAVID CAMERON stood accused of whipping up Islamophobia yesterday after promising a “robust” campaign to monitor Muslim community schools. The Prime Minister continued to ramp up his ...

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Humanity In An All-Out Effort to Save Itself From Government

The experience of humanity is driven and defined by our own consciousness, which is a product of our sophisticated brain functions. We are consciousness in every way shape and form. Control of this miracle of consciousness is sought by a few individuals ...

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Ron Paul on Obama’s foreign policy: ‘Disobey us and we will bomb you’

Former White House hopeful and longtime lawmaker Ron Paul says United State President Barack Obama’s recent major foreign policy speech was a “disappointment” to anyone holding out for change from the current administration. Responding to the president’s recent address at the US ...

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Web of Deceit: The Bilderberg Group and Elite Powerbrokers Linked to the UK’s Stealth Internet Censorship Coup

Matthew Butler As a curtain of censorship falls over the UK internet, this special investigation uncovers the deception and elite players behind the murky system of corporate web filters, which block far more than pornography. Disturbingly, the trail points back ...

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Why We Must Oppose Bilderberg

As the Bilderbergers gather in Denmark to discuss this year’s agenda, James Corbett presents “Why We Must Oppose Bilderberg” to the We The People Anti-Bilderberg Conference taking place in Copenhagen. Learn more about the history, aims, and goals of the ...

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Hillary 2.0? Rumors build on Michelle Obama’s Senate run

As President Obama inches closer to entering the final half of his second term, speculation is emerging that the current first lady may pull a Hillary Clinton and run for a Senate seat. In a Thursday column for Reuters, Keith ...

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Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs Problem

A few weeks ago, Hillary Clinton delivered a much-touted policy speech at the New America Foundation in Washington, where she talked passionately about the financial plight of Americans who “are still barely getting by, barely holding on, not seeing the rewards that they believe ...

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Hillary Clinton: Warmonger For The Bankster Elite

Unfortunately, it takes the media mouthpiece of the Russian government to tell the truth about Hillary Clinton and the War Party. You’ll never get the truth from the U.S. government’s media mouthpiece who self-righteously and disingenuously claim they are independent ...

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FBI provided Anonymous with targets, new leaks show

Leaked documents pertaining to the case against an American computer hacker currently serving a 10-year prison sentence have exposed discrepancies concerning the government’s prosecution and raise further questions about the role of a federal informant. The documents – evidence currently ...

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US Welcomes Coup Leader As Egypt’s New President

White House says it ‘looks forward to working with’ Al Sisi despite severe crackdown on dissent Sarah Lazare The Obama administration said Wednesday that it “looks forward to working with” Egypt’s new president, Abdelfattah Al Sisi–the country’s former army chief who oversaw ...

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The Only Standards Are Double Standards

Robert Parry Sometimes in dealing with the U.S. government and its compliant mainstream media, I’m left with the feeling that if it weren’t for double standards, there would be no standards at all. From President Barack Obama to the editors ...

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Participatory Totalitarianism

According to the Chinese zodiac, the heavens circle around every 12 years. The Year of the Snake, the creature that sheds its skin to emerge anew, marks a time of great transformation. Indeed, for the last quarter century, the world ...

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Government Treated Peaceful Boycott As Terrorism

The Partnership for Civil Justice (a public interest legal organization which the Washington Post called “the constitutional sheriffs for a new protest generation”) reported this week that the Obama administration treated a peaceful boycott as a terrorist threat:  4,000 pages [of ...

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G7 Focuses on Ukraine and Global Financial Stability

The G7 is meeting in Brussels for its annual summit. Initially Russia planned to host the conference, but G7 leaders excluded Russia’s participation over the crisis in Ukraine. In addition to the situation in the Ukraine, the agenda will feature ...

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Netanyahu Is Running Out of Excuses

César Chelala The formation of a new unity government between Fatah and Hamas, although strongly resisted by the Israeli government leadership, may offer some hope for eventually leading to renewed peace talks between the Palestinian Authority and Israel’s government. For ...

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Tory MPs To Be Ordered To Re-Introduce EU Referendum Bill To Fight Ukip Surge

David Cameron will make one more attempt to get his plan for a in/out EU referendum by 2017 into law before the 2015 general election. The prime minister’s tried last year to get his pledge on to the statute book via ...

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Obama Administration Desperate To Censor Assassination Memo

After announcing it would comply with a federal court order, the Obama administration has decided that it wants to conceal more portions of a controversial memo authorizing the assassination of Americans overseas. Last week, officials with the U.S. Department of Justice said ...

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Elections in Syria: The People Say No to Foreign Intervention

Defying threats of violence, tens of thousands of ordinary Syrians went to the polls to cast a vote that was more about Syrian dignity and self-determination than any of the candidates on the ballot. After three years of unimaginable atrocities ...

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Power and the Global Ruling Class. Who Rules the World?

This paper starts with summarizing the major theoretical elements in the definition of a global ruling class. It then examines how neoconservatives in the US took power and used regime change to create chaos in other regions. A strategy of ...

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What Excuse Remains for Obama’s Failure to Close GITMO?

The excuse-making on behalf of President Obama has always found its most extreme form when it came time to explain why he failed to fulfill his oft-stated 2008 election promise to close Guantanamo. As I’ve documented many times, even the promise itself ...

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Palestinian Unity Government Sworn In

PALESTINE President Mahmoud Abbas swore in a unity government of technocrats in Ramallah today, answering the desire of most Palestinians to end national divisions. The brief ceremony at the president’s headquarters was preceded by last-minute haggling over the 17-member cabinet, ...

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White House Admits Staging Fake Vaccination Operation To Gather DNA From The Public

The White House has officially admitted that fake vaccination programs have been used by the United States as a cover for covertly stealing DNA samples from the public as part of the so-called “war on terror.” The aim of the ...

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Money expert blasts Bedroom Tax

Money expert Martin Lewis is calling on David Cameron to admit he got it wrong on the hated Bedroom Tax — and finally scrap it. The cash wizard told the Sunday People our Prime Minister should recognise the Tory policy is brutal because it ...

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US moves towards sanctions as Venezuela charges coup plot

Bill Van Auken  The US House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved legislation mandating sanctions against Venezuela as officials there presented evidence of US involvement in a plot to bring down the government of President Nicolas Maduro. The bill, passed in a ...

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Lots to Loathe about Zionists

Myles Hoenig I have just finished Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel by Max Blumenthal. It’s written well enough to read in just a short week of a few sittings but this took me several weeks. For those unfamiliar with it, ...

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Bilderberg 2014: In the Court of Good King Henry

Tony Gosling In medieval times the most crooked arch-dukes and barons could gather in an imposing castle of their choice and plot the demise of their kindly neighbors, without anyone knowing what they were up to. But have we come ...

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Riot police use water cannons on Turkish protesters

Protesters who took to the streets of Istanbul and Ankara on Saturday to mark the one-year anniversary of this country’s Gezi Park uprisings were met with riot police, tear gas, and water cannons. According to numerous media reports, 25,000 policemen and 50 water ...

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Egypt’s Illegitimate New President

Egypt's Illegitimate New President

by Stephen Lendman

Egypt's sham process has no legitimacy. Elections are farcical when held.

General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi ran practically unopposed. Hamdeen Sabahi masqueraded as an opponent. He supports junta rule. 

On most everything that matters he's anti-democratic. Anti-populist. Anti-what ordinary Egyptians deserve.

Egyptian elections require more than one candidate. Doing so provides a veneer of legitimacy. It's fake.

Junta power runs Egypt. Sisi heads its current regime. He's Egypt's Pinochet. He's Washington's man in Cairo. 

He's a US War College graduate. He maintains close Pentagon ties. He has no legitimacy whatever. He reflects fascism writ large.

Brute force is official policy. Ousting Morsi on July 3 was reminiscent of September 11, 1973. Chileans old enough to remember won’t forget.

A reign of terror followed. Sisi governs the same way. He sentenced hundreds of opposition figures to death. Thousands were imprisoned.

Sweeping crackdowns continue. Democracy is pure fantasy. Opposition elements aren't tolerated.

It bears repeating. Elections when held are farcical. Sisi is Egypt's new strongman. He's its anointed new president.

Turnout was embarrassingly low. IkhwanWeb is the banned Muslim Brotherhood (MB) web site. On May 29, it headlined "90% of Egyptians Boycott Sham Presidential Election."

MB issued a statement saying:

"With a 90% boycott of the blood ballot - the show presidential election, the Egyptian people have dealt a serious and humiliating blow to the illegitimate coup and its so-called roadmap." 

"This is the beginning of the end of the military coup. We hail the Egyptian People's resilience and steadfastness."

"The Egyptian people have turned their back to the sham presidential elections. All the military coup's begging, pleas and threats have failed." 

"The Egyptian people have thus told the whole world that they will not abandon democratic legitimacy, freedom or dignity."

"The people of Egypt are one nation and will continue to hold high their values and their unity."

"The honorable patriotic people of Egypt affirm that they are the only authority that can grant legitimacy to those they can trust, and that the murderous military coup has no legitimacy or popularity." 

"They further affirm that they will continue to reject the coup and resist it until they defeat it completely - with God's help - and with peaceful creativity and selfless devotion, patience and determination." 

"The Egyptian people will reclaim their rights and freedom, and will write glorious new pages of their homeland's history."

Egypt's junta-controlled press reported 37%. Independent sources said around 15%. Two electoral days weren't enough. 

Propaganda didn't help. It claimed Sisi enjoyed overwhelming support. Big Lies failed to convince most Egyptians. 

Sisi mythology fell flat. His 95% landslide was farcical. More theater of the absurd than real. More fiction than fact. More surreal than legitimate.

Reuters said "lines outside polling stations in various parts of Cairo were short, and in some cases no voters could be seen on Tuesday."

Authorities were desperate. They ordered an extra day of voting. They threatened fines for anyone not doing so. TV commentators called non-voters "terrorists."

Al-Azhar is Egypt's highest Islamic authority. It called not voting tantamount to "disobeying the nation."

It didn't help. Turnout was disastrously low. It reflected widespread anti-regime sentiment. It showed most people reject Sisi.

They want democracy. The real thing. Not junta rule. Or Sisi heading things. He failed to get a popular mandate. 

He fell way short. He tried inventing one instead. He consolidated military rule. He represents state terrorism writ large.

Last July, he ousted Mohamed Morsi. Martial law followed. Egypt's constitution was suspended. 

Tanks patrolled streets. Peaceful demonstrators were murdered in cold blood.

Weeks before the election, he said he'd "finish the Muslim Brotherhood as a group" once and for all. 

He hunted them down. He rounded them up. He imprisoned them. Kangaroo court proceedings followed. Hanging judges sentenced hundreds of its members to death.

Fascist police states operate this way. Egypt is one of the worst. Obama supports what demands denunciation. 

Coup d'etat authority has no legitimacy. Claiming otherwise doesn't wash. Diktat power rules Egypt. Tanks patrol streets. Demonstrators are shot, killed, injured and/or arrested.

War on ordinary Egyptians continues. Against its working class. Anyone protesting junta rule. Sisi defended Egypt's anti-protest law.

He "will not let protests destroy the country," he said. His off-the-record conversation was leaked. He asked:

"Will you bear it if I make you walk on your own feet? When I wake you up at five in the morning every day?" 

"Will you bear cutting back on food, cutting back on air-conditioners?"

"People think I'm a soft man. Sisi is torture and suffering."

His comments warned Egyptians. Anyone challenging junta rule assures his wrath.

On Wednesday, Obama told graduating West Point cadets he cooperates with Sisi for "security interests."

Assuring Israel has a friendly neighbor. For both countries "shared efforts against violent extremism."

They represent the worst of its dark side. Low turnout showed most Egyptians reject it.

Pew Research showed around three-fourths of Egyptians expressed dissatisfaction with junta led governance.

Sisi is Egypt's new president. Its new strongman. Its illegitimate ruler. He represents fascism writ large.

It doesn't matter. He enjoys full US support. Including generous annual aid. 

Around $1.3 billion in military assistance in 2014. Plus another $250 million in economic support. Providing it violates US law.

The 1961 Foreign Assistance Act (FAA) and 1976 Arms Export Control Act (AECA) prohibits it.

AECA permits military related sales only for defense or legitimate internal security purposes. FAA forbids aiding governments that engage:

"in a consistent pattern of gross violations of internationally recognized human rights, including torture or cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment, prolonged detention without charges, causing the disappearance of persons by the abduction and clandestine detention of those persons, or other flagrant denial of the right to life, liberty, and the security of person, unless such assistance will directly benefit the needy people in such country."

The 2001 Foreign Operations Appropriations Act's (FOAA) Leahy Law provision states:

"None of the funds made available by this Act may be used to support any training program involving a unit of the security forces of a foreign country if the Secretary of Defense has received credible information from the Department of State that a member of such unit has committed a gross violation of human rights, unless all necessary corrective steps have been taken."

FOAA prohibits funding foreign security forces that commit gross human rights violations unless its government "is taking effective measures to bring the responsible members of the security forces unit to justice."

Egypt is one of many rogue states Washington supports illegally. Its high crimes against peace, equity and justice don't matter.

It receives generous aid. Obama approves it. Congress rubber-stamps it. Doing so violates US law. It's forthcoming anyway.

It bears repeating. Sisi is Washington's man in Cairo. He's one of many rogue Obama friends. 

They comprise a Noah's arc of world class scoundrels. They're part of America's war on humanity.

How long oppressed people tolerate them remains to be seen.

A Final Comment

Observers found Egypt's electoral process sorely lacking. It fell way below international standards. Eric Bjornlund heads Democracy International.

It's an election monitoring organization. "Egypt's repressive political environment made a genuinely democratic presidential election impossible, said Bjornlund.

European observers said much the same thing. Egypt's election "f(ell) short of constitutional principles."

It had no legitimacy whatever. It rubber-stamped coup e'tat rule. It prevented democratic governance. 

Junta authority runs Egypt. Challengers aren't tolerated. Rogue states operate this way. Egypt is one of the worst.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com. 

Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs. 


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The New York Times and the American ruling elite

Glenn Greenwald’s book No Place to Hide reached bookstores May 13, so it is likely the text was finalized several weeks before the May 14 firing of New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson and her replacement by Dean Baquet, the newspaper’s managing editor. ...

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Reporter Uses Bilderberg Meeting To Attack Alt Media


RINF Alternative News Reporter for independent.ie, Ian O’Doherty, has used this years Bilderberg meeting to presumably further his career by launching a scathing attack on two of the alternative media’s most high profile activists, Alex Jones and David Icke. Instead of ...

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Democrat Tax Per Mile Scheme Surfaces Again in Congress

Thumbnail for 96321

If implemented, the federal gas tax will nearly double Kurt Nimmo Democrats are trying to sell their latest shakedown as an infrastructure and job-creation effort. Photo: Peter Dutton Rep. Earl Blumenauer, an Oregon Democrat, is investigating a wealth confiscation system ...

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Netanyahu’s peace gesture is meant to extract concessions


The National – 26 November 2013

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu made what was presumably intended to sound like a historic peace gesture towards the Palestinians last week.

He invited Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, to Jerusalem to address the Israeli parliament, echoing Menachem Begin’s invitation to Egypt’s president, Anwar Sadat, in 1977. That visit was the prelude to a peace agreement concluded the following year between Israel and Egypt.

Should Mr Abbas accept, it would pose a dilemma for his host. According to Israeli law, the right of foreigners to address the parliament is reserved to visiting heads of state.

As one Israeli commentator pointedly observed, Mr Netanyahu would have either to hurriedly change the law or to recognise Mr Abbas as the head of a Palestinian state. We can assume he is about to do neither.

In reality, Mr Netanyahu’s offer was as hollow as his previous utterances about Palestinian statehood.

Begin, a rightwing hawk too, welcomed Sadat to the parliament, where Israeli legislators listened intently to the Egyptian leader’s vision of peace.

More than 35 years later, Mr Netanyahu and his cohorts are not in the least interested in Mr Abbas’s terms for an end to the conflict, even in the midst of the current nine-month peace talks. They want him to come only if he is ready to concede terms of surrender – recognising as a Jewish state whatever enlarged borders Israel demands.

Coincidentally, the Israeli prime minister made his insincere offer while French president Francois Hollande was in the parliament calling for peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Mr Hollande was wildly feted during his three-day visit to Israel, if less so during his half-day meeting with Mr Abbas in Ramallah, but his public statements offered little more than platitudes.

Saying he favoured “two states for two peoples”, Mr Hollande warned each leader that they would have to make sacrifices: the Palestinians by abandoning the dream of the refugees’ return, and Israel by ending settlement-building.

The problem is that Mr Netanyahu is not listening even to his friends. This month his housing minister, Uri Ariel, unveiled plans for 24,000 new homes in the occupied territories, the largest spike in construction in more than a decade.

The proposals include 1,200 homes in the so-called E1 area of the West Bank, a strategic strip of land next to Jerusalem that would further erode the territorial contiguity of a future Palestinian state. Washington views Israeli development there as a stake through the heart of the peace process.

Facing pressure from the White House, Mr Netanyahu put the plans on ice but has not cancelled them. On Sunday, a new batch of more than 800 settler homes was approved.

The serial humiliation has proved too much for Palestinian negotiators, who have proffered their resignations. Mr Abbas, however, has promised the United States that he will participate to the bitter end of the talks, due in April.

Strangely, Mr Netanyahu’s offer to Mr Abbas to follow in Sadat’s footsteps came as the CIA declassified documents from the 1978 Camp David agreement between Israel and Egypt. They provide an illuminating window on the current negotiations.

The then-US national security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, privately warned that Israel had less interest in reaching a deal than either Sadat or the US president of the time, Jimmy Carter. “The risk,” he wrote to Mr Carter, “is that you could lose control of the talks and be diverted from the central issues either by Begin’s legalisms or Sadat’s imprecision.”

An almost-verbatim memo should have been sent to Barack Obama and his secretary of state, John Kerry, before these peace talks began last July. Instead the White House has kept its distance, leaving Israel to dictate both the agenda – Israel’s security – and the molluscular pace.

Aware that no progress has been made, the US is finally preparing to put forward a “framework proposal” in January in the hope of extracting a deal by the April deadline.

There has been speculation that, following the deal struck between the world’s main powers and Iran at the weekend over its nuclear programme, Mr Obama will finally be emboldened to stand strong against Israel and Mr Netanyahu’s intransigence towards the Palestinians.

Any optimism is likely to prove misplaced. It emerged last week that Martin Indyk, US envoy to the talks, had quietly recruited to his team David Makovsky. His roots, like Mr Indyk’s, lie in the hawkish pro-Israel political lobbies that have dominated Washington for decades.

In the summer, Mr Makovsky used a column in the New York Times to berate the European Union for failing to “talk tough” to the Palestinians and dispel their hopes of return for the refugees.

Mr Makovsky has probably been chosen because of his expected usefulness in the talks’ impending endgame. Specialising in the kind of detail valued by Mr Brzezinski, he has drawn up precise maps designed to provide the basis for a final agreement, one premised on extensive land swaps.

Israeli leaders have shied away from setting down on paper their vision of a Palestinian state precisely because they know it would not look much like any kind of state. Mr Makovsky is not so reticent.

His maps annex to Israel the vast majority of the illegal settlements in the West Bank, leaving a series of fingers of Israeli territory throttling a future Palestinian state and compensating the Palestinians with areas of desert, mostly near Gaza.

As the Israeli analyst Noam Sheizaf has observed, Mr Makovsky’s guiding principle in drafting these maps has been “to satiate Israel’s growing appetite for land”.

Washington has learnt nothing from its past success with the Egyptians nor from its more recent failures with the Palestinians. Mr Makovsky may add some necessary clarity, but it is exactly the kind of detail no credible Palestinian leader can ever be persuaded to accept.

Tagged as: diplomacy, peace process

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Who’s Least Critical of NSA Spying? Democrats

Thumbnail for 93118

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll released Thursday poll reveals that while a growing number of Americans feels that the National Security Agency violates privacy, the party the least critical of the agency’s surveillance activities are Democrats. The poll found ...

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Rep. Trey Radel pleads guilty on charges of cocaine possession

Thumbnail for 92639

Keith L. Alexander, Dana Hedgpeth and Aaron Blake Washington Post November 20, 2013 Freshman Rep. Trey Radel (R-Fla.) pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of possession of cocaine in a D.C. Superior Court judge Wednesday, after allegedly buying the illegal ...

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What Is The Real Agenda Of The American Police State?


In my last column I emphasized that it was important for American citizens to demand to know what the real agendas are behind the wars of choice by the Bush and Obama regimes. These are major long term wars each ...

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UK Claim That ‘Journalism Equals Terrorism’ Sparks Outrage

Thumbnail for 88706

Outrage and denunciations are following reports out of the UK which show that the British government has labeled the husband of journalist Glenn Greenwald a “terrorist” for allegedly possessing leaked NSA documents while passing through London’s Heathrow Airport earlier this ...

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Drone Strike on Somalia Marks US Escalation Against Al Shabab

Thumbnail for 87686

A U.S. drone strike in Somalia on Monday killed two people described in corporate media reports as “suspected Al Shabab militants.” Monday’s strike marks the first U.S. drone attack on Somalia since last year, and, the New York Times reports: ...

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X-Ray of a Flagging Presidency: Will Obama Block the Keystone Pipeline or Just Keep Bending?

Thumbnail for 87351

As the battle over the Keystone XL pipeline has worn on — and it’s now well over two years old — it’s illuminated the Obama presidency like no other issue. It offers the president not just a choice of policies, ...

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World’s Anger at Obama Policies Goes Beyond Europe and the NSA

Thumbnail for 87159

Washington, DC – Whether miffed over spying revelations or feeling sold out by U.S. moves in the Middle East, some of the United States’ closest allies are so upset that the Obama administration has gone into damage-control mode to ensure ...

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NSA lies? Agency lacks evidence it thwarted 54 terrorist attacks

Thumbnail for 85854

Is the United States government’s use of broad surveillance authorities as effective of a counterterrorism tool as its advocates make it out to be? A new report suggests remarks made by high power figures to defend the spy powers are ...

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Dick Cheney’s Heartless Hypocrisy

Thumbnail for 85768

Former Vice President Dick Cheney, out promoting his new book Heart about how his life was saved by very expensive heart-transplant surgery, is simultaneously praising the Tea Party, which is hard at work trying to prevent less fortunate Americans from ...

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US citizen sues government after being detained by immigration officials for 7 months

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A 33-year-old Filipino woman who came to the United States as a child and was quickly granted full American citizenship is suing the US government after being detained in prison for almost seven months and threatened with deportation. Attorneys for ...

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Internet giants plan to track users even more

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While public unease with the National Security Agency’s surveillance efforts continues to grow, there are new signs indicating that technology companies are also upgrading their efforts to track what you’re doing on the Internet. According to a new report by ...

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Patriot Act author aims to end NSA bulk collections in new legislation

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The Republican co-author of the US Patriot Act is set to reveal bipartisan legislation that would curb the domestic surveillance power of intelligence agencies. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-OH) – who helped construct intelligence-gathering power for government agencies via the Patriot ...

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Jimmy Carter Slams Growing Inequality, Crumbling Middle Class

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Former President Jimmy Carter slammed the nation’s growing inequality and lack of affordable housing on Monday, and said that greater equality “would pay rich dividends for Americans” of all income levels, statements one analyst says offer a stark contrast to ...

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With Rise of American Fascism, Shutdown Politics ‘Predictable’

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In the midst of the ongoing government shutdown–with the GOP still trying their darndest to kill Obamacare and the global financial markets now truly jittery over the quite real possibility of a US default–those five words, found in Paul Krugman’s ...

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Selective Shutdown: NSA Spying Funded, FOIA Requests Denied

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The government might be shut down, but both parties have agreed that the National Security Agency’s dragnet surveillance programs will not be impacted by the stoppage. However, fulfilling the requests of citizens or journalists trying to obtain information about the ...

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Tiny white elite dominates US political donor landscape — study

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A tiny wealthy male elite is behind most of the biggest contributions to the 2012 election cycle in the US, a new study shows. The report comes as US Supreme Court considers whether it should strip a ceiling on political ...

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Netanyahu Makes Rounds in Challenge to US Peace with Iran

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U.S. President Barack Obama speaks alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, September 30, 2013. Credit: Reuters/Jason ReedFollowing a relative easing of tension between U.S. and Iranian leaders last week, Israeli ...

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A World Where No One Listens to the Planet’s Sole Superpower

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By Dilip Hiro, TomDispatch This piece first appeared at TomDispatch. Read Tom Engelhardt’s introduction here. What if the sole superpower on the planet makes its will known– repeatedly–and finds that no one is listening? Barely a decade ago, that would ...

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Americans’ Belief That Gov’t Is Too Powerful at Record Level

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Record number of Republicans say the federal government has too much power Joy Wilke Gallup Sept. 24, 2013 Six in 10 Americans (60%) believe the federal government has too much power, one percentage point above the previous high recorded in ...

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DOJ’s Wiretapping of AP Results in Lengthy Prison Term for Source

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When it was first reported that the Department of Justice was illegally combing through the phone records of Associated Press offices and targeting journalists with secret subpoenas for their communication records, outrage erupted among free press advocates and journalism professionals. ...

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Rand Paul To Introduce Amendment Outlawing Obamacare Exemptions For Government Employees

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“I think Congress should never exempt themselves from a law” Steve Watson Infowars.com Sept 23, 2013 Senator Rand Paul has announced that he intends to introduce a constitutional amendment that would force all federal employees off taxpayer funded personal health-care ...

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51% Favor Government Shutdown Until Congress Cuts Health Care Funding

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Rasmussen Reports Most voters willing to risk fed shutdown until Democrats and Republicans agree on ways to cut the budget. / via Wikimedia Commons President Obama yesterday criticized congressional Republicans for insisting on spending cuts in any budget deal that ...

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Obamacare will question your sex life

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Betsy McCaughey ‘Are you sexually active? If so, with one partner, multiple partners or same-sex partners?” Image: Wikimedia Commons Be ready to answer those questions and more the next time you go to the doctor, whether it’s the dermatologist or ...

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Politics Eats Into Palestinian Breadbasket

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Jiftlick, Occupied West Bank – In the Jordan Valley, contrasts are stark. Lush green agricultural fields and fenced-in greenhouses belong to the Israeli settlements that dot the landscape and benefit from the area’s abundant water supply on one hand. On ...

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White House Petition Asks Obama to give Putin his Nobel Peace Prize

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Credits Russian president for averting “unwanted and unwarranted military action” in Syria Adan Salazar A new petition on the White House’s “We the People” petition submission site seeks to have president Obama hand over his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize to ...

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NSA Surveillance Blowback: Brazil’s President May Cancel Washington Visit

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In the fallout of the revelations of vast spying by the NSA, there are signs Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff may be canceling her scheduled Oct. 23 visit to Washington. On Sunday, journalist Glenn Greenwald reported that the NSA had spied ...

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‘Impeach Obama’ Ad to Run in Washington Times

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Group planned to deliver copies of newspaper to Congress members today Adan Salazar A coalition of black citizens united under the banner of the National Black Republican Association (NBRA) are reportedly planning to run an ad in today’s edition of ...

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‘We Have a Broader Strategy’: New White House Syria Plan to Go Beyond ‘Punitive Strike’

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As the Obama administration continues its “flood the zone” campaign to win congressional support for military force against Syria, a statement by the president Tuesday indicates its plan is to go beyond punitive strikes against Assad and to pursue a ...

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Obama May Be Walking Into an Impeachment Trap

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By Kevin Zeese,  This article originated with PopularResistance.org. The irony of the Obama presidency may hinge on whether he attacks Syria. He began his presidency prematurely winning the Nobel Peace Prize and could end it being impeached for starting an ...

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‘Black Budget’ Revealed: A Detailed Look at US ‘Espionage Empire’

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In the latest revelation made possible by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, the Washington Post on Thursday published an investigative analysis and interactive map of America’s so-called “Black Budget” which details the $52.6 billion allotment of taxpayer money that funds the ...

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World Press Slams UK Threats Over Snowden Docs

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David Cameron. (Photo: Palazzo Chigi/cc/flickr)  In a protest Threats by U.K. officials that the Guardian must “hand the Snowden material back or destroy it” have drawn the ire of the world’s press, which has slammed the “intimidation” as having a ...

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Young, Old, Democrat and Republican Agree: The Federal Government Sucks

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J.D. Tuccille Reason August 25, 2013 The Gallup organization polled Americans across the partisan divide, and ranging in age from pimply and arrogant to wrinkly and bitter, about their opinions of various sectors of American society. When it comes to ...

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US Department of Justice wants Bush and senior cabinet members exempt from Iraq War trial

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The United States Department of Justice has requested that former President George W. Bush and the highest figures in his administration receive full exemption from being tried for the Iraq War, which the DoJ says was in line with international ...

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UK Government “Pulverizes” Guardian Hard Drives In Snowden Retaliation, Says “There’s No Need To Write Any More”

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zerohedge.com August 20, 2013 While the much publicized Sunday morning detention of Glenn Greenwald’s partner David Miranda at Heathrow on his way back to Brazil, in a stunning move that as we subsequently learned had been telegraphed apriori to the ...

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WikiLeaks Posts Links to ‘Serious Material’ as ‘Insurance’ Against Govt Threat

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In what they describe as an “Insurance Release,” Wikileaks posted links for a series of encrypted files to their Twitter feed and Facebook page Friday, urging readers to download and mirror the links, in a digital threat they hope will ...

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Ron Paul Dismantles the Corporate Known as Boondoggle Obamacare

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Obamacare is the brainchild of the insurance and pharmaceutical industries Kurt Nimmo Retired Congressman Ron Paul went on CNN and pointed out something rarely mentioned by the establishment media — Obamacare is the brainchild of the insurance and pharmaceutical industries. ...

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True The Vote Releases Evidence of 173 Cases of Alleged Interstate Voter Fraud

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True the Vote announced research findings of evidence of 173 instances of alleged voter fraud by simultaneous voting in multiple states in the same elections on August 13.

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The Obama Regime’s Fabricated “Terror Conspiracy” in Defense of the Police State

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Representative democracies and autocratic dictatorships respond to profound internal crises in very distinctive ways...

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Critics Question Obama’s Vows to Reform Spying Programs

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President Barack Obama speaks during a news conference in the East Room last week.

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Facing overcrowded prisons, US wants to cut drug sentences

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US prisons are operating at 40 percent above capacity, with half of all inmates locked up for drug-related crimes. Attorney General Eric Holder has proposed changes to the criminal justice system that would reduce sentences for non-violent crimes.

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America’s Descent Into Madness

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America has entered one of its periods of historical madness, but this is the worst I can remember: worse than McCarthyism, worse than the Bay of Pigs and in the long term potentially more disastrous than the Vietnam War.

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WTF Dude?? Obama Blatantly Lying ‘We Don’t Have a Domestic Spying Program’


Obama also says the U.S. is not overreacting by closing some U.S. embassies for a week. The president tells Leno, "The odds of dying in a terrorist attack are a lot lower than they are of dying in a car accident, unfortunately."

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Is The Safety Of The State Really Worth More Than The Truth?


It’s a strange and terrible tragedy when a culture forgets its own history and identity. It is even more tragic when that culture becomes deluded enough to think it can replace its heritage from scratch.

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Experts: Obama’s plan to predict future leakers unproven, unlikely to work


In an initiative aimed at rooting out future leakers and other security violators, President Barack Obama has ordered federal employees to report suspicious actions of their colleagues based on behavioral profiling techniques that are not scientifically proven to work, according to experts and government documents.

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Police State USA: Obama Gives Himself Control of all Communication Systems in America


US President Barack Obama quietly signed his name to an Executive Order on Friday, allowing the White House to control all private communications in the country in the name of national security.

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