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What Is The Real Agenda Of The American Police State?


In my last column I emphasized that it was important for American citizens to demand to know what the real agendas are behind the wars of choice by the Bush and Obama regimes. These are major long term wars each ...

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UK Claim That ‘Journalism Equals Terrorism’ Sparks Outrage

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Outrage and denunciations are following reports out of the UK which show that the British government has labeled the husband of journalist Glenn Greenwald a “terrorist” for allegedly possessing leaked NSA documents while passing through London’s Heathrow Airport earlier this ...

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Drone Strike on Somalia Marks US Escalation Against Al Shabab

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A U.S. drone strike in Somalia on Monday killed two people described in corporate media reports as “suspected Al Shabab militants.” Monday’s strike marks the first U.S. drone attack on Somalia since last year, and, the New York Times reports: ...

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X-Ray of a Flagging Presidency: Will Obama Block the Keystone Pipeline or Just Keep Bending?

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As the battle over the Keystone XL pipeline has worn on — and it’s now well over two years old — it’s illuminated the Obama presidency like no other issue. It offers the president not just a choice of policies, ...

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World’s Anger at Obama Policies Goes Beyond Europe and the NSA

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Washington, DC — Whether miffed over spying revelations or feeling sold out by U.S. moves in the Middle East, some of the United States’ closest allies are so upset that the Obama administration has gone into damage-control mode to ensure ...

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NSA lies? Agency lacks evidence it thwarted 54 terrorist attacks

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Is the United States government’s use of broad surveillance authorities as effective of a counterterrorism tool as its advocates make it out to be? A new report suggests remarks made by high power figures to defend the spy powers are ...

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Dick Cheney’s Heartless Hypocrisy

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Former Vice President Dick Cheney, out promoting his new book Heart about how his life was saved by very expensive heart-transplant surgery, is simultaneously praising the Tea Party, which is hard at work trying to prevent less fortunate Americans from ...

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US citizen sues government after being detained by immigration officials for 7 months

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A 33-year-old Filipino woman who came to the United States as a child and was quickly granted full American citizenship is suing the US government after being detained in prison for almost seven months and threatened with deportation. Attorneys for ...

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Internet giants plan to track users even more

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While public unease with the National Security Agency’s surveillance efforts continues to grow, there are new signs indicating that technology companies are also upgrading their efforts to track what you’re doing on the Internet. According to a new report by ...

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Patriot Act author aims to end NSA bulk collections in new legislation

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The Republican co-author of the US Patriot Act is set to reveal bipartisan legislation that would curb the domestic surveillance power of intelligence agencies. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-OH) – who helped construct intelligence-gathering power for government agencies via the Patriot ...

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Jimmy Carter Slams Growing Inequality, Crumbling Middle Class

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Former President Jimmy Carter slammed the nation’s growing inequality and lack of affordable housing on Monday, and said that greater equality “would pay rich dividends for Americans” of all income levels, statements one analyst says offer a stark contrast to ...

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With Rise of American Fascism, Shutdown Politics ‘Predictable’

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In the midst of the ongoing government shutdown—with the GOP still trying their darndest to kill Obamacare and the global financial markets now truly jittery over the quite real possibility of a US default—those five words, found in Paul Krugman’s ...

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Selective Shutdown: NSA Spying Funded, FOIA Requests Denied

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The government might be shut down, but both parties have agreed that the National Security Agency’s dragnet surveillance programs will not be impacted by the stoppage. However, fulfilling the requests of citizens or journalists trying to obtain information about the ...

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Tiny white elite dominates US political donor landscape – study

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A tiny wealthy male elite is behind most of the biggest contributions to the 2012 election cycle in the US, a new study shows. The report comes as US Supreme Court considers whether it should strip a ceiling on political ...

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Netanyahu Makes Rounds in Challenge to US Peace with Iran

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U.S. President Barack Obama speaks alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, September 30, 2013. Credit: Reuters/Jason ReedFollowing a relative easing of tension between U.S. and Iranian leaders last week, Israeli ...

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A World Where No One Listens to the Planet’s Sole Superpower

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By Dilip Hiro, TomDispatch This piece first appeared at TomDispatch. Read Tom Engelhardt’s introduction here. What if the sole superpower on the planet makes its will known— repeatedly—and finds that no one is listening? Barely a decade ago, that would ...

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Americans’ Belief That Gov’t Is Too Powerful at Record Level

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Record number of Republicans say the federal government has too much power Joy Wilke Gallup Sept. 24, 2013 Six in 10 Americans (60%) believe the federal government has too much power, one percentage point above the previous high recorded in ...

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DOJ’s Wiretapping of AP Results in Lengthy Prison Term for Source

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When it was first reported that the Department of Justice was illegally combing through the phone records of Associated Press offices and targeting journalists with secret subpoenas for their communication records, outrage erupted among free press advocates and journalism professionals. ...

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Rand Paul To Introduce Amendment Outlawing Obamacare Exemptions For Government Employees

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“I think Congress should never exempt themselves from a law” Steve Watson Infowars.com Sept 23, 2013 Senator Rand Paul has announced that he intends to introduce a constitutional amendment that would force all federal employees off taxpayer funded personal health-care ...

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51% Favor Government Shutdown Until Congress Cuts Health Care Funding

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Rasmussen Reports Most voters willing to risk fed shutdown until Democrats and Republicans agree on ways to cut the budget. / via Wikimedia Commons President Obama yesterday criticized congressional Republicans for insisting on spending cuts in any budget deal that ...

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Obamacare will question your sex life

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Betsy McCaughey ‘Are you sexually active? If so, with one partner, multiple partners or same-sex partners?” Image: Wikimedia Commons Be ready to answer those questions and more the next time you go to the doctor, whether it’s the dermatologist or ...

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Politics Eats Into Palestinian Breadbasket

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Jiftlick, Occupied West Bank – In the Jordan Valley, contrasts are stark. Lush green agricultural fields and fenced-in greenhouses belong to the Israeli settlements that dot the landscape and benefit from the area’s abundant water supply on one hand. On ...

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White House Petition Asks Obama to give Putin his Nobel Peace Prize

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Credits Russian president for averting “unwanted and unwarranted military action” in Syria Adan Salazar A new petition on the White House’s “We the People” petition submission site seeks to have president Obama hand over his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize to ...

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NSA Surveillance Blowback: Brazil’s President May Cancel Washington Visit

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In the fallout of the revelations of vast spying by the NSA, there are signs Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff may be canceling her scheduled Oct. 23 visit to Washington. On Sunday, journalist Glenn Greenwald reported that the NSA had spied ...

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‘Impeach Obama’ Ad to Run in Washington Times

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Group planned to deliver copies of newspaper to Congress members today Adan Salazar A coalition of black citizens united under the banner of the National Black Republican Association (NBRA) are reportedly planning to run an ad in today’s edition of ...

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‘We Have a Broader Strategy': New White House Syria Plan to Go Beyond ‘Punitive Strike’

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As the Obama administration continues its “flood the zone” campaign to win congressional support for military force against Syria, a statement by the president Tuesday indicates its plan is to go beyond punitive strikes against Assad and to pursue a ...

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Obama May Be Walking Into an Impeachment Trap

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By Kevin Zeese,  This article originated with PopularResistance.org. The irony of the Obama presidency may hinge on whether he attacks Syria. He began his presidency prematurely winning the Nobel Peace Prize and could end it being impeached for starting an ...

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‘Black Budget’ Revealed: A Detailed Look at US ‘Espionage Empire’

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In the latest revelation made possible by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, the Washington Post on Thursday published an investigative analysis and interactive map of America’s so-called “Black Budget” which details the $52.6 billion allotment of taxpayer money that funds the ...

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World Press Slams UK Threats Over Snowden Docs

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David Cameron. (Photo: Palazzo Chigi/cc/flickr)  In a protest Threats by U.K. officials that the Guardian must “hand the Snowden material back or destroy it” have drawn the ire of the world’s press, which has slammed the “intimidation” as having a ...

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Young, Old, Democrat and Republican Agree: The Federal Government Sucks

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J.D. Tuccille Reason August 25, 2013 The Gallup organization polled Americans across the partisan divide, and ranging in age from pimply and arrogant to wrinkly and bitter, about their opinions of various sectors of American society. When it comes to ...

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US Department of Justice wants Bush and senior cabinet members exempt from Iraq War trial

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The United States Department of Justice has requested that former President George W. Bush and the highest figures in his administration receive full exemption from being tried for the Iraq War, which the DoJ says was in line with international ...

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UK Government “Pulverizes” Guardian Hard Drives In Snowden Retaliation, Says “There’s No Need To Write Any More”

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zerohedge.com August 20, 2013 While the much publicized Sunday morning detention of Glenn Greenwald’s partner David Miranda at Heathrow on his way back to Brazil, in a stunning move that as we subsequently learned had been telegraphed apriori to the ...

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WikiLeaks Posts Links to ‘Serious Material’ as ‘Insurance’ Against Govt Threat

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In what they describe as an “Insurance Release,” Wikileaks posted links for a series of encrypted files to their Twitter feed and Facebook page Friday, urging readers to download and mirror the links, in a digital threat they hope will ...

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Ron Paul Dismantles the Corporate Known as Boondoggle Obamacare

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Obamacare is the brainchild of the insurance and pharmaceutical industries Kurt Nimmo Retired Congressman Ron Paul went on CNN and pointed out something rarely mentioned by the establishment media – Obamacare is the brainchild of the insurance and pharmaceutical industries. ...

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True The Vote Releases Evidence of 173 Cases of Alleged Interstate Voter Fraud

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True the Vote announced research findings of evidence of 173 instances of alleged voter fraud by simultaneous voting in multiple states in the same elections on August 13.

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The Obama Regime’s Fabricated “Terror Conspiracy” in Defense of the Police State

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Representative democracies and autocratic dictatorships respond to profound internal crises in very distinctive ways...

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Critics Question Obama’s Vows to Reform Spying Programs

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President Barack Obama speaks during a news conference in the East Room last week.

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Facing overcrowded prisons, US wants to cut drug sentences

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US prisons are operating at 40 percent above capacity, with half of all inmates locked up for drug-related crimes. Attorney General Eric Holder has proposed changes to the criminal justice system that would reduce sentences for non-violent crimes.

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America’s Descent Into Madness

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America has entered one of its periods of historical madness, but this is the worst I can remember: worse than McCarthyism, worse than the Bay of Pigs and in the long term potentially more disastrous than the Vietnam War.

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WTF Dude?? Obama Blatantly Lying ‘We Don’t Have a Domestic Spying Program’


Obama also says the U.S. is not overreacting by closing some U.S. embassies for a week. The president tells Leno, "The odds of dying in a terrorist attack are a lot lower than they are of dying in a car accident, unfortunately."

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Is The Safety Of The State Really Worth More Than The Truth?


It’s a strange and terrible tragedy when a culture forgets its own history and identity. It is even more tragic when that culture becomes deluded enough to think it can replace its heritage from scratch.

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Experts: Obama’s plan to predict future leakers unproven, unlikely to work


In an initiative aimed at rooting out future leakers and other security violators, President Barack Obama has ordered federal employees to report suspicious actions of their colleagues based on behavioral profiling techniques that are not scientifically proven to work, according to experts and government documents.

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Police State USA: Obama Gives Himself Control of all Communication Systems in America


US President Barack Obama quietly signed his name to an Executive Order on Friday, allowing the White House to control all private communications in the country in the name of national security.

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‘Global corruption worsened in past 2 yrs’


A global corruption survey has shown that more than half of respondents think that graft has worsened over the past two years and that police, the courts and political parties are the least trusted institutions.

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G8 summit cost British taxpayers £80m

Anti-G8 protests

Last month's G8 summit in Northern Ireland has cost British taxpayer a dear £80 million Northern Irish Foreign Minister Sammy Wilson says.

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‘70% of French see politicians as corrupt’


A recent opinion poll shows that 70 percent of people in France perceive their country's politicians as corrupt, Press TV reports.

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The Disease of Caretaker Governments


A tear should be shed, though keep in the singular. Australia’s first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard and probably last for some time, is no more.

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World’s Most Evil and Lawless Institution? The Executive Branch of the U.S. Government


America has a secret. It is not discussed in polite company or at the dinner tables of the powerful, rich and famous.

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Pres. Obama’s Secret CIA Hit Squad Detailed in "The Way of the Knife"


President Barack Obama has converted the CIA into his personal army and granted it unfettered assassination authority.

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Real Life Spy Drama On U.S. Bound Plane: “I’m Dead Already, They’re Gonna Kill Me” *VIDEO REPORT*


According to witnesses, passenger Daniel M. Perry relayed to other passengers aboard the plane that he was a government worker, a claim that was later confirmed by sources.

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UK Labour raps PM on ‘crashing’ econ.


British Labour leader Ed Miliband has lambasted British Prime Minister David Cameron on his government's economic policies, especially the falling living standards.

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Osborne’s new, shameless bank gimmick to fob off Britons


Simple maths will tell you that getting 5% on a saving account at your bank for 5 years is a better deal than getting a £1,650 worth of lottery tickets in disgraced UK banks RBS and Lloyds.

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Hague under fire over GCHQ-PRISM intel sharing, slams leaks


The accusations that the US spying program PRISM was shared with the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) are “baseless,” Foreign Secretary William Hague told MPs. He deplored classified data leaks, saying they create a “misleading picture.”

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Report: Obama May Visit Bilderberg Meeting


As the last few diners pay the bill in a sleepy Carluccio’s in Watford, the waiter serving me an espresso also serves the hottest piece of town gossip for centuries.

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GOP Senator Inadvertently Explains Why Women Are Better Suited For Combat Than Men


On Tuesday, Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) helpfully explained that young men are so hormonally driven that they can’t act rationally. Cursed with a “hormone level created by nature,” they are just wired to lose control of themselves and rape.

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Bilderberg agenda: Western political, corporate heavyweights to discuss future of Middle East and Africa


During the world’s most secretive gathering the Bilderberg Group is set to discuss topics including cyber warfare, US foreign policy, “developments in the Middle East” and “Africa’s challenges” despite the glaring absence of regional representatives.

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British Tory MP abuses housekeeper

Houses of Parliament

A British Conservative MP and his wife have abused their lesbian housekeeper to the brink of suicide when they groped her as they proposed a threesome, an employment tribunal has heard.

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School district of Philadelphia passes “doomsday” austerity budget

School and study on a laptop

The School Reform Commission (SRC), the leading oversight body in the Philadelphia school district, voted May 30 to approve its budget for the upcoming year.

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‘Only 13% think Harper speaks the truth’


A new Canadian poll shows that only 13 percent of Canadians believe Prime Minister Stephen Harper is honest in saying that he had no knowledge of the recent scandal involving his chief of staff's 90,000-dollar bailout of Senator Mike Duffy.

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Police Impose Security Lock Down For Bilderberg 2013


The site of the 2013 Bilderberg Group conference in Watford, UK will be subject to a substantial security lock down.

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Police ask residents living near The Grove hotel to show photo ID during Bilderberg meeting


Residents living close to the Grove Hotel will have to show their passport to police officers before they can get to their homes during the upcoming Bilderberg Group meeting.

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Bilderberg ‘Fringe Festival’ Planned For June 2013


For the first time, a fringe festival has been planned to coincide with the 2013 Bilderberg meeting in Watford, UK. Protests, illuminating talks and comedy are expected to shine some degree of light over the course of a dark weekend.

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10,000 Violent Criminals Escaped Conviction


A Freedom of Information Act request has revealed that over 10,000 people who committed serious violent crimes, including domestic violence, were let off without conviction last year.

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Government Denies Thousands Of Children Go Missing Despite Police Evidence


Figures released today reveal a startling number of children go missing from care each year, more than 75 a day on average. A significant difference from 'official' government figures.

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Margaret Thatcher Was Racist And Homophobic


As the mainstream media produce a barrage of propaganda-laced tributes for the most destructive and hated politician in British history, only a handful in the media have dared print the truth about her decade-long assault on UK society.

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UK Budget Protects Corrupt Energy Corps


Surprise surprise, as the mainstream media subserviently celebrates the announcement that a pint of beer will now be 1p cheaper, what is seemingly an act of misdirection, George Osborne has gotten away with it again.

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Connecting The Dots: Corporate Influence On Government


This report is just the tip of the iceberg that demonstrates how relationships between big business and politicians influence government decision making.

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32% Of Ministers Linked To Corrupt ‘Finance-Energy Complex’


New research by anti-poverty campaign group, the World Development Movement (WDM), has revealed that 32% of ministers in the UK government, including top cabinet ministers, are linked to UK finance and energy companies fuelling climate change.

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More Controversial Obama Appointments


Throughout his tenure, he ignored the best, brightest, most honorable and well qualified. He chose cabinet and other top picks he should have spurned.

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Read Obama’s Policies, Not His Lips


Read his policies, not his lips. His record reveals rogue leadership. He's mindless of human suffering. He wrecked America's economy. Poverty, unemployment, homelessness, and hunger increased on his watch. The worst is yet to come.

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Hillary Clinton: Profile of Imperial Arrogance and Lawlessness

She was Washington's 67th Secretary of State. She served from January 21, 2009 - February 1, 2013. She's arguably America's worst.

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A Letter I Wish Progressive Groups Would Send to Their Members

With President Obama’s second term underway and huge decisions looming on Capitol Hill, consider this statement from Howard Zinn: “When a social movement adopts the compromises of legislators, it has forgotten its role, which is to push and challenge the politicians, not to fall in meekly behind them.”

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Four More Years: Institutionalized Hypocrisy.

On January 20, Obama began term two. After all the harm he caused so many, imagine how much more he plans. He broke every major campaign promise made. He mocks legitimate governance. He lawlessly serves powerful monied interests. They own him.

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New World Order – Attack On Sovereignty

Those concerned about “The New World Order” speak as if the United States is coming under the control of an outside conspiratorial force. In fact, it is the US that is the New World Order.

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European Parliament President Warns David Cameron May ‘Break-Up’ EU

The president of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, has warned David Cameron that his attempt to negotiate a new relationship with the Europe could lead to the break-up of the EU.

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Obama Picks Jack Lew for Treasury

Stephen Lendman, rinf.com | Staff changes usually occur in second presidential terms. John Kerry was picked to replace Hillary Clinton at State. Chuck Hagel is Obama’s Defense choice. John Brennan was tapped for CIA director.

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Chavez Inauguration Postponed

Stephen Lendman, rinf.com | On January 8, Vice President Nicolas Maduro addressed National Assembly Speaker Diosdado Cabello. He said Chavez: “asked that (I) inform that, according to the recommendations made by the medical team that is watching over his health, ...

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Another Republican Scandal: Did Boehner Bribe Republicans To Keep Him As Speaker?

Monica Davis, Before It’s News | Ignorance of economics continues to make the American public vulnerable to propaganda and news manipulation. The nation continues to reel from one crisis to another. This neverending cycle of fear, paranoia and reactionary politics generates a ...

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Cold War Politics Heats Up

Stephen Lendman, rinf.com | Previous articles discussed how Washington reinvented the “evil empire.” On March 8, 1983, Ronald Reagan coined the term. He addressed the National Association of Evangelicals. He called communism “the focus of evil in the modern world.” ...

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The Achievements of Hugo Chavez

CounterPunch | While Venezuela’s president Hugo Chávez is fighting for his life in Cuba, the liberal press of both sides of the Atlantic (e.g., El Pais”) has not stopped  trashing his government. The significance of his victory (12 points ahead of ...

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RINF Video: Corrupt British Government buys Silence on Torture


RINF News reports that the British government is set to pay out millions of pounds in an attempt to circumvent the wheel of justice and conceal its crimes against humanity by paying off a Libyan dissident and his young family, ...

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US Congress bans word ‘lunatic’ in federal legislation

The sharply divided US Congress has been able to agree on one thing at least – that the word “lunatic” should be banned. The House of Representatives voted 398-1 on Wednesday to strike the term from all federal legislation, after ...

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Voting Fraud Ignored by the Corporate Media

Michael Snyder, The Truth |  Why is the mainstream media saying nothing about election fraud even though there are eyewitness reports from all over the country of voting machines turning Romney votes into Obama votes? Why do the Republican Party and the ...

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Bilderberg Group Quietly Meets in Italy

Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post | While the attention of most Americans was focused on whatever trivia dished out from the mainstream media such as the current hot celebrity or the David Petraeus incident, it appears that the Bilderberg Group has arranged what ...

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Ron Paul slams ‘corrupt’ US system

Press TV | American Congressman Ron Paul has blasted the US ruling establishment as corrupt, bent on promoting wars, undermining liberties, and assassinating those it considers terrorists. Throughout a 50-minute address to the chamber of the US House of Representatives ...

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Obama’s Presidency Through Palestinian Eyes

Dr. Elias Akleh | People worldwide were very interested and following the 2012 American election believing that their future would, somehow, be affected by the foreign policies of the new American President. Only the Palestinian people were totally apathetic to ...

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U.S. envoy Michele Sison indicts Sri Lanka but ignores Obama’s tyrannical Executive Orders

Daya Gamage | “The United States remains concerned by the consolidation of executive power”, was what American ambassador to Sri Lanka Michele Sison declared in her maiden media interview since she took up her duties in Colombo last August. Anyone ...

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Victory for Obama

President Barack Obama handily defeated Republican Governor Mitt Romney and won himself a second term last night after a bitter and historically expensive race that was primarily fought in just a handful of battleground states. Television news networks across America ...

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The electronic architecture of voter suppression

The Ohio Secretary of State’s office may be incorrectly removing thousands of legally registered voters from the voting rolls. The Columbus Free Press has obtained suspect election-related software contracts signed by the Ohio Secretary of State’s office. These newly uncovered ...

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Military To Run Elections In New Jersey

Steve Watson, Prisonplanet.com | With close to two million people in New Jersey without power in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, and an national election due next week, it has been determined that the best way forward is to hand over the ...

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Cameron to urged to ‘wipe away stain’ of torture

In a personal letter to Mr Cameron, obtained by The Daily Telegraph, Raila Odinga throws his weight behind the “petitions that continue to be made” by victims of Britain’s suppression of the Mau Mau uprising between 1952 and 1960. Three ...

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Video: Mike Harris confronted on Bilderberg group

In 1996 former Premier of Ontario Mike Harris attended the Bilderberg conference in Toronto Canada. When asked about his attendance and thoughts on the group Harris was candidly honest as he revealed where his allegiance lies. Justin Trudeau on Bilderberg: ...

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Video: ‘Obama, Romney – same police state’

RT | There’s a blackout by the mainstream media and the US political elite on coverage of third parties, but RT covered and broadcast this year’s third-party presidential debate, hosted by Larry King and featuring a panel including our own ...

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Ridiculous: “Voter Fraud is a Felony” billboards removed amid outcry from critics

Mac Slavo, SHTFplan.com | In a country where showing your identification is required for everything from opening a gym membership and renting a movie to purchasing a six-pack of beer and placing a wager at a blackjack table, it’s nothing short of ridiculous ...

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Israeli envoy calls “Estelle” a provocation

Ann Wright | Calling the latest sailing of a boat to challenge the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza a “provocation”, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations Ron Prosor, called on the UN Secretary-General, the Security Council, and all responsible members ...

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Clinton takes partial responsibility for the murder US Ambassador Stevens

Susanne Posel, Occupy Corporatism | Hillary Clinton timed her public acceptance of creating the perfect situation which resulted in the murder of US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens at a rented villa in Benghazi, leased by the US State Department to the second presidential debate ...

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Video: Chavez vs. corporate media

FAIR TV takes a look at how the U.S. media handled the Venezuelan election, how theWashington Post “greened” fracking and how the New York Times used a time machine to “fix” a headline about Israel/Palestine.

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Jimmy Carter speaks out against corrupt elections

Pete Papaherakles | Injecting billions of dollars into U.S. politics is a recipe for corruption, says former President Jimmy Carter. Placing the blame squarely on the Supreme Court for endorsing a corporate spending free-for-all in American politics, he said the ...

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Has Israel’s racism become unstoppable?

Stuart Littlewood | So the Albuquerque Episcopalians got jumpy and ‘disinvited’ the Friends of Sabeel who had booked their cathedral for a conference. Sabeel is an international peace movement which calls itself the Voice of Palestinian Christians. Why would one ...

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Hugo Chavez wins election

Al Jazeera | Electoral Council says with most votes counted Chavez had about 54 per cent of votes, while his rival got 44 per cent. Venezuela’s electoral council says President Hugo Chavez has won re-election, defeating challenger Henrique Capriles. National ...

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