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Million Mask March rallies sweeping the globe

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The Million Mask March is sweeping the globe across Wednesday as demonstrators protest against austerity, mass surveillance and oppression. Participants will obscure their faces to protect their identity. Thursday, November 6 We ain't scared of yo badge , we ain't ...

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First Texan City Bans Fracking

Voters in Denton, Texas approved a ban on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, on Tuesday, making the city the first in Texas to outlaw the controversial gas-extraction process. The ban is likely to garner legal challenges, but, for now, supporters celebrating ...

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Big money has corrupted politics

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Stephen Lendman RINF Alternative News Ignore scoundrel media who won, who lost horserace rubbish. US electoral politics is too debauched to fix. Big money corrupts it. Democracy is pure fantasy. None whatever exists. Most bums are reelected. New ones replace ...

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Food poverty is a British problem


There are 13 million people living below the poverty line in Britain. In Manchester, one of the country’s fastest-growing cities, 38 per cent of children live in poverty. And the situation is only getting worse, as the last few years ...

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Some Hard Facts About Terror


John Chuckman RINF Alternative News We are having an outbreak of reports in the Canadian press about “home grown” terrorists, “radicalized” young men of Muslim faith traveling out of the country to participate in extremist groups abroad, a relatively insignificant ...

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The Myth of the Free Press


Chris Hedges There is more truth about American journalism in the film “Kill the Messenger,” which chronicles the mainstream media’s discrediting of the work of the investigative journalist Gary Webb, than there is in the movie “All the President’s Men,” ...

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How Rich Are the 400 Richest Americans?


In the supposedly classless society of the United States, the wealthiest Americans are doing remarkably well. According to Forbes, a leading business magazine, the combined wealth of the 400 richest Americans has now reached the staggering total of $2.3 trillion.  ...

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UN Gaza War Inquiry: Hold the Cheers


Stephen Lendman RINF Alternative News On October 21, Reuters headlined “UN chief says moving ahead with Gaza war inquiry.” “UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Tuesday he was setting up an investigation into attacks on United Nations facilities during Israel’s recent ...

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Don’t Ask the Pentagon Where Its Money Goes

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Medea Benjamin President Barack Obama proudly signed the law that repealed the Pentagon’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, freeing lesbian, gay, and bisexual Americans (although not trans people) to openly serve in the military four years ago. But when it ...

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