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In today’s highly competitive business world finding an edge can make the difference between success and failure. All businesses rely on sales to survive,...

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Dickens’ phrase “the best of times and the worst of times” is one of those descriptions that can find its place in every generation. ...

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Advances in computing technology continue to provide businesses with powerful tools that enable them to increase their productivity. Now that smartphones and tablet PCs...

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1. Flashlight The brightest light application for your iPhone, this will light up your world. We all know how essential it is to carry around...

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Within the current economic climate many are struggling to find and retain work and therefore stable income can be elusive. For this reason many...

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The cloud has been with us for some time now and growth for the Software as a Service (SaaS) market is extremely positive for...

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If you’re going to create a mobile app for your business, it needs to be great. Millions of people rely on apps on a...

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I had been working at the same division in a rather large company for the last 6 years. During that time I have had...

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Not so long ago, the best way to position a sales pitch directly to households was through radio. Just years after the television industry...

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We are all familiar with United Airlines’ controversy that earned them three blows from folk crooner Dave Carroll. The latter created three satirical songs...

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by Justin Freid
Business development is not an easy task, especially if you do not have an army of sales reps to cold call on potential customers. Small companies and start-ups need clients to grow...

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by Haliyma Barrow
One of the advantages of a small business is the relatively low startup capital needed. Personal savings, small grants and loans from friends and family are usually enough to start up a small venture...

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by Richard A. Chapo
The internet is unique in the business world because of the common presence of what are known as strategic alliances. In fact, forming alliances with others online is often considered critical...

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by Haliyma Barrow
Many people are venturing out into the small business arena. If you are considering traveling along this path, then you should start a recession proof small business....

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by Adrian S
OsCommerce e-commerce and store management software has become the gold standard for managing your online store in recent years and there are a number of add-ons that can increase both the...

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by Alan Grainger
The UK government has announced its plans to prepare for the selling of rights for the next generation of wireless networks, heralding the start of the fourth generation mobile spectrum...

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by Nitin Aggarwal
Do you ever wonder who your customer is? I mean what are his likes and dislikes? Why must he buy from you? What do you offer which is irresistible?

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by Lyuben Georgiev
Regardless of the type of a company, good CRM practices are applicable in all economic sectors. Experts say one of the main principles to be followed is the orientation towards the client. In this sense, the company must not only reduce costs...

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by Timothy Arends
By definition, home-based businesses do not require a large workforce; in fact, they often consist of a force of one. No matter what size your workforce, however, you will need customers, and...

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by BuyerZone
Today, most stores have websites that make it easy for their customers to purchase a wide variety of products and services. Before you can use this option, though, you have to choose online payment options that will work well for your business.

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by Jonathan Piggins
Cloud Computing is one of the newest developments in Information Technology that is really helping those with a small business. Cloud computing is an umbrella term that groups a wide range...

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by Roko Nastic
Any small business hoping to establish a lucrative online presence needs to find the right web host. But how does a small business know which host is best? And what essential features are required from a web host?

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by Neil Jones
Businesses in the real world and online, would be inclined to believe that once a customer, always a customer. But the old time notion of loyalty to a brand, store or a website no longer holds true...

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by Alex Smith
In 2011 a survey by CyberSource showed that 59% of online merchants felt online fraud to be their biggest business threat, ranking it above systems failure, viruses and theft of customer data.

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by Archie June
Big things start with small ones, and this is a principle that is applied in the world of business. Where do you think all those big business started from? Take a look at their histories and you will find out that indeed, they first started as small companies and then grew on to become the big names that...

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by Workbooks
The ‘one size fits all’ approach is common with companies investing in CRM – and it is too often pushed by those selling CRM software – but it’s not the right way to get the best out of it. Before investing in any CRM package, there are questions to be answered.

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by BuyerZone
It’s an era in which people have moved from being specialists who can handle anything well inside of the area of their concentration to being their own best resource for most tasks. Whether they are their own best resource or not is debatable in several realms.

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by Roxanne Lane
In 2004, the Office of Advocacy reported that there were 24.7 million businesses within the US. According to the Small Business Administration, 66% of new businesses make it past the two year mark. Only 44% are still open after four years. Don’t make the errors that more than half of these entrepreneurs have made.

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by Justin Freid
Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make extra cash, and if done correctly it can be set up to run and not consume all of your attention. But finding that niche industry to work in is the toughest spot. Here are a couple of tips to help you get off on the right foot of affiliate marketing.

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by Rachit Arora
With the growing buzz of e-commerce business in a platform of internet, a good payment gateway has become a major tool in bringing out the transactions with much ease, sending credit card information to the customers and authorizes the whole process of purchasing and selling. A good payment gateway integration allows your company to offer your customers a good experience in...

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by Neil Jones
The Internet has transformed the lives of people in every sphere be it business, social interaction or communication. But no other phenomenon can keep pace with the rapid development of social media and the window of opportunity it offers to businesses. Social media started out as a social network dominated by groups of musicians and artists, college students and teenagers...

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by Ray T. Lewis
Outsourcing is one of those things that you either love or hate. For many of us, outsourcing brings to mind lost jobs and dealing with English-challenged customer service representatives. For others, however, outsourcing brings to mind the ability to save time and money for their small business.

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by Mark Simon
Successful mastermind groups have a concentrated focus, and the group should only admit people who are concentrating on the relatable topics. The members of a mastermind group should have similar interests, but this doesn't mean that the mastermind group should exclude people that don't all participate in the same profession.

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by Richard A. Chapo
Mention copyright and most people immediately think of free music downloads and music companies suing teens. The truth of the matter is copyright extends far beyond just music. In truth, it is an archaic law that causes a host of problems on the web. In fact, most sites have a critical copyright problem and don’t even know it.

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These days, anyone with a computer can write a blog, but there’s a big difference between a blog and a great blog. That difference lies in many variations of how and what the author(s) do, especially when it comes to writing entrepreneurial blogs. Entrepreneurs in general are defined by what they do rather than the way they think.

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by Leslie Handmaker
If you’ve been reading blogs, work in a large company, or are a small business owner, chances are you are at least somewhat familiar with the term ‘crowdsourcing’. If not, here are the basics. Crowdsourcing takes tasks which are typically done in-house and outsources them to an on-demand workforce.

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by Sujan Patel
It can be quite difficult to make a living working online.  Sure, everyone has heard of people who have created web sites that they have sold for millions of dollars or iPhone applications that have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.  Unfortunately, online fortunes are hard to come by.  But finding a niche on the internet or using your skills to earn a little extra cash in your spare time...

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by Annie Wallace
Consumer feedback can have a profound impact on your business. When consumers talk to you about their experiences, both positive and negative, you get a comprehensive understanding of the service you are providing. There are a wide variety of ways you can receive customer feedback, but knowing how to encourage it can be a more difficult task.

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by Brendan Sherton
The end of the year is rushing in as fast as ever, and with each year-end project completed comes a new blank space on the calendar. As nice as it will be to have a break over the holidays, the New Year looms with its thousands of open time slots and opportunities. How can you be sure that when 2011 finally arrives, you're ready to grow?

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by Ross Yim
Business doesn’t have a template. Being rich isn’t an equation. Or is it? I might argue that there is a clear equation to success – but the thing about the equation is that one part of the equation is dynamic – it’s chaotic. Because of this, the overarching path to success isn’t the same for all people. Some things, though, pervade throughout many different subjects.

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by Mau Carlton
When your budget does not justify adding additional help to the payroll there is another option. The virtual assistant can be available to help you on an as needed basis. They work from home and have helped many clients such as you when they are in a pinch.

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by Adam Snyder
When it comes to creating a passive income online there is nothing better than having your own killer e-book. The nice thing about e-books is you write one and you can sell it as many times as you want, so your profits are exponential.

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by Davis Stephenson
Hosting an event has become much easier with the advancement of technology. When you are going to organize an event it is important that you keep an accurate

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by Yehuda Cagen
To streamline operations, save costs and create greater efficiencies, more businesses are outsourcing their IT function. According to InfoTech Research Group, median IT spending

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WordPress is a widely used Content Management System (CMS), usually used as a blog publishing platform. However, since WordPress is so powerful yet versatile,...

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Guest Post by Heinrich Muller from The Link Building Guy | People often misjudge the difficulty of starting and managing their own business. There are some exceptions to the rule but on average the 1st year of any new business is a make-or-break period and the accompanying stress can be very difficult to handle.

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Guest Post by Matt from Advanced Lifestyle Design | This article talks about how to determine whether or not you should start your own...

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Guest Post by Anthony Rocco | Disclaimer: I AM NOT an attorney. The opinions presented in this post are exactly that; opinions. They have...

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Guest Post by Richard Harmer from the Brady Media Group Let me say this, we need these people. I mean, in my adult life…or any...

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Guest Post by Richard Harmer Brady Media Group First and foremost I no longer live in my car! With that said, you are more than...

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It’s Not Always What You See! Sometimes it’s the HOW and What You Don’t See!! Guest Post by Richard Harmer Brady Media Group So anyway,...

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Guest Post by Richard Harmer Brady Media Group Over the past 7-8 years I’ve worked in marketing and brand development for myself and currently I’m...

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Guest Post by Richard Harmer Brady Media Group America is being held back by RED TAPE, not creators or innovators!! We have LOTS of those!...

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New data from researchers at comScore Inc shows that web surfers are spending more time on Facebook and less on Google, for the first...

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As part of a damage control campaign, BP upped its spending on Internet marketing from $57,000 a month to almost $3 million, buying keywords...