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Fears mount over US economy

  The US economy has been hit by more bleak news, with a series of announcements adding to an already gloomy picture. A slump in consumer spending, another drop in the dollar, and oil prices at new highs pushed the ...

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SchNEWS looks at how corporations and governments are limiting and controlling the varieties of crops grown… Last week, in France, the independent seed-saving and selling Association Kokopelli were fined €35,000 after being taken to court by corporate seed merchant Baumaux. ...

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Mugging the public

Harry’s Place  Almost everybody hates paying taxes. I certainly do. But as hard as it might be to part with a wadge of one’s hard-earned cash, one still grudgingly admits that it is necessary to maintain the smooth running of ...

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Inside the world of war profiteers

From prostitutes to Super bowl tickets, a federal probe reveals how contractors in Iraq cheated the U.S. By David Jackson and Jason Grotto | Tribune reporters Inside the stout federal courthouse of this Mississippi River town, the dirty secrets of ...

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Slavery in America

We had been on the road for hours, leaving the interstate and then digressing to smaller and smaller highways. Differing vistas of the Colorado landscape got wilder and more vacant the further north we drove. Driving through Maybell, we took ...

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Business spies for FBI eyes

By Jerry Mazza In George Bush’s mania to outdo George Orwell’s 1984, we bring you more than 23,000 members of private industry working quietly with the FBI and Department of Homeland Insecurity under the banner of InfraGard, i.e., the joint ...

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Banking with Hitler during World War II

thecounterpunch This investigative film shows in detail the roles played by the Anglo-German banking Cartel (notably the Bank of England controlled by the Rothschild and the Chase National Bank controlled by the Rockfeller as well as the Harriman/Bush‘s Bank) through ...

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