What can SEO Resellers learn from the 2009 United Incident?

We are all familiar with United Airlines’ controversy that earned them three blows from folk crooner Dave Carroll. The latter created three satirical songs about the guitar mishap they encountered while they were in the constraints of the airline company. The Canadian folk-pop duo Sons of Maxwell admitted that these songs, after becoming an instant YouTube sensation was a career boost for them, but for the airline company, it was a major revenue hit, for they lost 10 percent of company share price, which caused their shareholders a $180 million lost several days after the song’s release.

The mishap happened two long years ago, but it is still in every American’s mind. People from blogs and social networking sites are still quoting Carroll’s famous lines every time they read negative stuff about the company. For the airline superior, it was definitely lifetime damage to their name.

The United Airlines controversy is not just about handling displeased and angry customers or winning back dissatisfied consumers. In a larger scope, it is about treating customers properly and giving them what they need and want. If United had provided their employees proper training, then they could have avoided breaking the crooner’s Taylor guitar, or they could have gained three laudatory tunes from folk group.

And that does not exempt SEO Resellers from becoming the next United Airline. Although Resellers or the SEO Reselling industry is not a popular as the airline business, they should learn from that 2009 incident. We all know that reselling business is about directly and physically connecting, conversing, and involving with people and clients, therefore, they should monitor their actions and customer treatment more than anyone else in the reselling business line should, more than their SEO Provider who separately does the optimization in an office. That is how important knowing the client is. SEO Resellers should know not only who they are as prospect clients and what their industry and trade is, but their personal preferences as well. Knowing their ideal website color, design or perhaps their preferred payment methods could avoid them from displeasing their customers and discomforting them along the proposal process.

In United’s case, it’s not the issue of their failure to recognize their Canadian celebrity passenger, but it’s the matter of failing to give what their customers’ need whatever their profession and class was. They were unsuccessful to secure their customer’s belongings to the extent that they broke it. Unluckily for them, they hit a creative guy that had seek revenge in a form of three powerful melodic folk songs which etched their negligence in the history of quality service.

For SEO Resellers, be aware that even pop starts today have side businesses aside from their show business stints. And if they don’t want an instant bad YouTube publicity and immediate SEO career failure, then they have to learn their lesson from the famous airline.

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