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A History of Guinness’ Advertising: Through the Decades


via Wikipedia Guinness’ advertising campaigns are almost as iconic as the drink itself. For years they have brought consumers striking, clever and amusing adverts which are as memorable as your first taste of the Irish stout. Until the 1930’s Guinness ...

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Most Profitable Items to Sell on eBay


While eBay’s biggest profiteers are unlikely to ever reveal the secrets of their most lucrative sales, a bit of time, effort and trial and error can help uncover a number of items that are sure to reap a reasonable profit. ...

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Comparison of the two Giants – Linux vs. Windows


Even if you’re a dedicated Windows user you have probably at least heard of Linux, and it may be possible you even know a few people who swear by Linux. It wouldn’t be unreasonable for you to often wonder whether ...

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Psychology Applied to Sales


In today’s highly competitive business world finding an edge can make the difference between success and failure. All businesses rely on sales to survive, which is why companies across the world spend millions each year trying to improve the effectiveness ...

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Starting Out In Business – The Basics


Dickens’ phrase “the best of times and the worst of times” is one of those descriptions that can find its place in every generation.  Today, for many employees it’s beginning to feel like the worst of times, for those who ...

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7 Apps that Help Keep Businesses Running Smoothly


Advances in computing technology continue to provide businesses with powerful tools that enable them to increase their productivity. Now that smartphones and tablet PCs are rapidly becoming the most important way to stay connected while mobile, developers are designing numerous ...

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Five Popular Business Apps for iPhone


1. Flashlight The brightest light application for your iPhone, this will light up your world. We all know how essential it is to carry around a torch or a light of some kind as you may fall in a fix ...

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Top Tips for Starting Your Own eBay Business


Within the current economic climate many are struggling to find and retain work and therefore stable income can be elusive. For this reason many are turning to new and innovative means to earn money, either as a standalone income or ...

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The Future of the Cloud


The cloud has been with us for some time now and growth for the Software as a Service (SaaS) market is extremely positive for the future. But what trends are likely to take place with the cloud in the future? ...

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Creating a Great Mobile App for Your Business


If you’re going to create a mobile app for your business, it needs to be great. Millions of people rely on apps on a daily basis, and you want to convince them that yours is worth their time, too. A ...

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