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5 Ways Businesses Are Using Pinterest for Marketing

Imagine you had a giant corkboard, on which you could pin pictures and videos. Now imagine being able to share that corkboard with others who share your interests. That, in a nutshell, is the unique social networking site Pinterest, which ...

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New Ecommerce System Launches – Interview With Digibilly Creator

A few months ago I heard that development was underway for an exciting new eCommerce system called Digibilly. With no software to install and works in a similar way to Clickbank and DigiResults, it hopes to make selling online easier. ...

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How To Market Your Products To Either Gender (Even If You’re An Idiot)

lynxx [289/365]

As anyone knows, the differences between men and women are genetically hardwired into our very nature. This is why girls like pink, and boys like blue- because our cavewomen ancestors recognised pink as the colour of berries for when they’re ...

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Preparing Your Product for Launch Day

Preparing for a product launch can be stressful… There’s just so many things you can do. You know that you should get some affiliates on board, create an email list, build a following, prepare some launch day promotions, and so ...

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Making Money From Something You Love

They say (I’m not sure who precisely) that if you can earn money doing something that you love, then you will ‘never work a day in your life’. And while this isn’t strictly true (it’s still possible to work hard) ...

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Tools for Successful iPhone App Creation

A thriving business is one that grows and adapts to an ever-changing world. With that in mind, most established businesses have some type of presence on the web. At a minimum, that presence includes information about the business and how ...

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Five Business Tips The Apprentice Taught Us


by tEdits The BBC television series “The Apprentice” offers an interesting and entertaining insight into the business world as contestants compete to go into business with Sir Alan Sugar. Whether they are developing a new product, selling on a market stall ...

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How To Price Your Product For Maximum Profit


This is a question that each new business owner grapples with. For those without an official marketing education, the answer seems simple: calculate how much the material costs, how many work hours where required to manufacture the product, add advertisement, ...

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The Four Rules of Prospect Marketing


Every prospect-marketer relationship building process has four stages and if you handle these four stages intelligently then you can definitely achieve success. These four stages are: Stage #1 – Initially, your target audience and your prospects do not know who ...

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How is the Government Supporting UK Technology Businesses

Computer Keyboard

The government appears to be heavily committed to helping technology businesses, particularly start-ups, grow and thrive, and is putting real money into doing so. They have brought in a range of different types of financial support aimed to helping technology ...

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