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E-numbers adviser paid by supermarket giant

Jo Revill The Observer A scientist with a leading role in the decision over whether food additives are damaging children’s behaviour is also a paid consultant to Tesco and Unilever, companies whose brands use the chemicals under suspicion.Food policy experts ...

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How Far Will the Crash Go and What Do we Do Now?

The “Crash of 2007-8” is underway By Richard C. Cook The immediate triggers are being described quite well: the collapse of the U.S. subprime mortgage market; the vulnerability of the rest of the economy to the subprime undertow, due to ...

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Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army

By Jeremy Scahill Blackwater is a private company that does the dirty work for America in various wars, both covert and those we know about all too well. It began only 10 years ago as a sort of cheerful paintball ...

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Summer meltdown: stock market suffers biggest fall in four years

Shares plummet around the world; FTSE’s worst day nin four years; Value of UK PLC falls £60bn; Market slumps 13% since June; Pensions surplus wiped out; Fears for housing market; Growing threat to economy By Sean O’Grady “Crash” is a ...

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China’s Toys containing lead too toxic

By Alan E. Moses This has become stupid as we are so concerned about toys from China and disregard the other heavy metals such as Mercury and Aluminum. We don’t complain about the pesticides and other so called chemicals and ...

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Wolfowitz ‘tried to censor World Bank on climate change’

By Andrew Gumbel The Bush administration has consistently thwarted efforts by the World Bank to include global warming in its calculations when considering whether to approve major investments in industry and infrastructure, according to documents made public through a watchdog ...

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Iraqi government on brink of collapse following cabinet walkouts

By James Cogan The political survival of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is in doubt following the withdrawal from his cabinet of two political blocs that derive the bulk of their support from Iraq’s Sunni Arab population. A variety of sectarian ...

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Biometric Recognition Used To Personalize Ads

By J. Nicholas Hoover In the film version of Minority Report, a personalized ad that knows about past purchases greets a character as he enters the Gap. Meanwhile, American Express ads tell Tom Cruise’s own character that he looks like ...

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Ex-Reagan official Stockman charged with fraud

David Stockman, a former top budget official in the Reagan White House, was charged Monday with overseeing a sweeping fraud at troubled a auto parts supplier he headed before it collapsed into bankruptcy. Stockman was the former chairman and CEO ...

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