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Adbusters’ Ads Busted

By James H. Ewert Jr. Kalle Lasn is a fighter for the right to communicate. A privilege, says the founder of Adbusters magazine, that goes one step farther than the freedom of speech. “You can stand on the corner and ...

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BAE axes 600 military jobs

Aerospace giant BAE Systems is to axe almost 600 jobs at two of its military factories, unions were told today. Officials expressed shock at the scale of the cuts at the sites in Brough, near Hull and Woodford, near Manchester. ...

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Federal Reserve could be given more power

America’s Treasury Department will tomorrow put forward plans for a revamp of US financial regulation in an attempt to curb the lending excesses that triggered the credit crisis. The new blueprint, drawn up by Treasury secretary Hank Paulson, would, if ...

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Blackwater’s Employment Investigated

House oversight committee Chairman Henry A. Waxman expanded his effort yesterday to investigate private security contractor Blackwater Worldwide, calling for a wide-ranging federal inquiry into the company’s employment practices. In letters to the Internal Revenue Service, the Small Business Administration ...

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Blackwater sells itself as a peacekeeper

Blackwater Worldwide, the private security company whose guards are accused of shooting dead 17 Iraqi civilians last year, is attempting to reposition itself as a peacekeeping force as work in Iraq begins to dry up. Adverts have appeared in security ...

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Fears mount over US economy

  The US economy has been hit by more bleak news, with a series of announcements adding to an already gloomy picture. A slump in consumer spending, another drop in the dollar, and oil prices at new highs pushed the ...

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