Making Money From Something You Love

They say (I’m not sure who precisely) that if you can earn money doing something that you love, then you will ‘never work a day in your life’. And while this isn’t strictly true (it’s still possible to work hard) it means that you end up far more contented and genuinely loving what you do. It’s no doubt the way that life should be.

And the good news is, that with the dawn of the internet, making a living from something you love is now more possible than ever. Here we will look at how to go about doing that.

Make a Fan Site

If what you love is a TV series or a film series or a music band, then you can quite simply make a fan site paying tribute to that and providing information on the subject and this can then become a great way to earn money. There are plenty of websites out there that do nothing other than report on the latest news regarding Star Trek, Superman, Transformers, Sonic etc. and these sites are actually almost guaranteed to have a great readership.

Make a Hobbyist Site

Alternatively if it’s not Star Trek you love, but rather building your own remote control cars, then that’s a great topic for a website too.

Make a Book

Don’t want to make a website about your favourite subject? Then how about an e-book? And you can then sell this on Kindle, or even in print via POD services such as Lulu.

Provide a Service

What is it that you love doing? If it’s programming then great news — there are plenty of people on the web in need of a programmer. Alternatively maybe you hate programming, but you love writing? Well you know what SEO gurus say, ‘content is king’ and this is another service you can provide. Photography, marketing, consultation… these are all things you can offer online and all things you can turn into very easy online businesses.

Sell a Craft

If your hobby meanwhile is making jewelry or portraits, then these are things that you can sell on Bay and make a nice profit from. As you’ll only be paying for the raw materials there wll be barely any overheads and you can then very easily sell your creations on. Build your own website as well and this will give you another avenue for selling and you can start out by selling to your friends and family who will spread the word for you.

In short then the web provides us with lots of ways that we can set up a very simple business online and this then allows us to make a living from doing what we love — no matter what that might be.

Of course many people are afraid of doing something like this as they don’t want to give up their steady jobs. But that’s where the really great part comes in — you don’t need to give up anything. All you need to do is to start offering your service or running your website in your spare time and it’s only then when it builds up enough momentum that you can consider quitting your job.

This guest post was written by James. He is a blogger and loves to write about VPS, shared and cloud hosting. He loves the fact that he can make money while writing about a topic he really likes.