Facebook Usage Overtakes Google


New data from researchers at comScore Inc shows that web surfers are spending more time on Facebook and less on Google, for the first time.

The data shows that people are spending about 9.9 per cent of their total web surfing time on Facebook (41.1 million minutes), compared to 9.6 per cent of their total time on Google (39.8 million minutes).

The data not only includes the Google search engine but all Google websites including Youtube, Google News and Gmail.
Yahoo now ranks as the third most popular website with users spending 37.7 million minutes on its site in August, or 9.1 per cent of their time.

At the same time last year surfers were spending less than 5 percent of their online time on Facebook and nearly 12 percent on Yahoo. In 2007 users spend less than 2 percent of their time on Facebook.

  • Paul Linchon

    Apparently Facebook are the only website that Google fears, and this is reflected by Google trying to move into the social media scene. Shame they can't manage to pull it off, or is it?

  • Facebook is definitely where its at! Google may be wondering how to catch up with how Facebook is currently engaging a very loyal following. I am doing more of my internet marketing on Facebook Ads now as opposed to Google Adwords.