China’s Toys containing lead too toxic

By Alan E. Moses

This has become stupid as we are so concerned about toys from China and disregard the other heavy metals such as Mercury and Aluminum. We don’t complain about the pesticides and other so called chemicals and compounds that have negative effects on ourselves and children. The Mercury and Aluminum are injected into our children yet Lead is what we worry about most.

Our understanding about the mercury substances ethyl and methyl mercury seems to be less of a priority. The fact is that mercury is the second most toxic substance to man behind plutonium. Is this fact too hard to understand? Your child just may have more access to mercury than lead in these days of seeking causes for developmental disorders.

I am to the point where I am thinking of just giving up. Genetics and environmental triggers is what we all have been saying for years. Because we took this stand on the mercury preservative in vaccines we are junk scientists? We well understand that civilization has again caused its own demise. Do you really think that those that may have poisoned our children would admit it?

Just as the Love Canal and Woburn the denials come first and then the studies that are so very expensive we allow those that poison to continue operations. We seem to protect the guilty ones and deny the innocent. Could thimerosal be the only trigger? Are vaccines alone the true blame?

I as most of the junk scientists and researchers have shown that it is a combination of toxins that causes this upswing in disorders and diseases that we see. In 1999 it was known that little was known about thimerosal. In 2007 the same holds true. Can we allow our immunity to be destroyed any further? Does this not also have a contribution to wht we see?

This is not that hard to figure out as we can see that all toxins have this name for a reason. The word toxin means that this substance may harm you depending on amount and genetic susceptibility. Your government agencies have known the dangers and only when the junk scientists record enough information can we find answers.

Is Autism still climbing? How can we know for the toxin was still there until 2003 or 2004. Thimerosal is still used in many vaccines that are on the recommendation charts that doctors use. More than mercury or lead is toxic to our children. The combinations and just plain over exposure result in the diseases and disorders that we see today. This is simple science.

Is it that we just don’t really understand or is it that we do and allow sacrifices at these rates? Let us boycott lead and all heavy metals may we include pesticides and industrial pollutants? Have we not become so advanced that we have become stupid?

Keep your children from lead containing toys, however allow the other toxins to be valid as they are accepted in foods, air or water. Makes no sense to me does it to you?