A Growing Peoples Movement, Despite the Media Blackout

The world’s elite and corporate forces are in decline, believe it or not. Any system based on consumption will eventually consume itself, but to speed things along, there’s a growing global peoples movement determined to assert the rights of people and the planet over corporate marauders. The sooner the rest of us join in, the sooner we will hasten the end of corporate rule.

Unfortunately, that’s news to a lot of folks. If you give sway to the mainstream corporate media, the state’s tool for keeping us scared into subservience, then you’re faith in mankind may be dwindling. Bad news happens all the time, and has done for millennia, but past generations were not subjected to a constant barrage of bad news everyday, 24/7. The real issue here is all the good news that happens and never sees the light of day, the news a person must seek out from independent sources.

propagandaHow much mainstream reporting have you seen on The World Social Forum, which took place in Tunisia, last month? Eighty thousand people representing organizations from all around the world gathered there. Women, indigenous people, and other oppressed people who are on the frontlines of struggle in their communities came together to explore solutions, strategies, and form shared demands that value people over profits. Who knew? You can bet there will be no corporate coverage when the US Social Forum takes place in the final week of June , despite the expected tens of thousands of participants.

How much mainstream reporting have you seen on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the sister free trade deal, the Trans-Atlantic Partnership (TTIP)? Any mention is mostly in passing and mostly supportive. It is never reported that opposition efforts killed fast track in the last Congress. There’s a huge effort now underway to stop these democracy destroying deals and opposition is widespread across issue arenas , but who knows except for the most engaged citizens?

These stories repeat themselves every day all over the country and the globe, underdogs sacrificing their time, skills, and money to improve the lives of others–and succeeding in their missions. Things would not look so bleak if we rejoiced and learned from, and about, these successes.