5 Ways Businesses Are Using Pinterest for Marketing

Imagine you had a giant corkboard, on which you could pin pictures and videos. Now imagine being able to share that corkboard with others who share your interests. That, in a nutshell, is the unique social networking site Pinterest, which has seen a traffic increase of more than 2,700% since last year.

With a user base that is more than 68% female, Pinterest has captured a valuable demographic for advertisers and marketers–the mom. More than half of Pinterest’s users have children, giving it a unique membership. Since moms are still doing the primary shopping for the family, many businesses are very interested in learning how to target this particular group, and Pinterest provides the perfect opportunity.

If your business is interested in marketing to Pinterest’s 12 million members, here are a few ways marketers are using Pinterest to get their messages out:

Pin It buttons
Pinterest provides “Pin It” buttons you can add to your website or other content to encourage Pinterest users to pin your item to their boards. Savvy businesses add the button to photos and videos to allow Pinterest users to easily pin items with just one click.

Interesting quotes
Instead of posting blatant ads for products, some companies have found that providing quotable quotes ups their chances of being “repined.” AARP’s Quotes to Live By is an example of this. As these quotes circulate the site, users are given exposure to the AARP brand.

Creative advertising
Smart companies know how to present products in a way that is useful to Pinterest members. If a specific holiday is coming up, many product-oriented businesses will post photos of products specifically geared toward that holiday.

Engage customers
Honda is a great example of a company using Pinterest to its fullest. The company recently encouraged Pinterest members to get out and do the things they’d been pinning about. Some businesses encourage members to take a picture of themselves using that business’s product with the prospect of a prize to a specific winner.

Offer discounts
Yes, that works on Pinterest, too. The important thing is to offer an interesting visual. Pinterest is primarily a visual medium, so the first thing members will see is the photo of the product. Once you’ve captured their attention with the photo, let them know you’re offering a discount to Pinterest members.

Pinterest is a relatively new social media site, but its popularity has skyrocketed. One of the best ways to learn how best to market is to look up some of businesses already marketing on the site and note how they handle their media campaigns.

Stephanie Faris writes for Sparkplug Digital, an online marketing agency providing SEO and linkbuilding for technology companies.