5 Most Profitable Types of Online Business

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Creating an online business is a potentially profitable way to stop that day job and get started in a personal passion. By understanding the types of businesses that are most profitable, it is easier to get ahead of the competition and start making reasonable profits in a short period of time.

Design Services

Online design services, such as graphic design services, are profitable as a business. Design firms and work related to design has a high profitability level at 17.6 percent pre-tax. The high rate of income for the services is available to office firms and online firms who are offering specialized design services.

The best design services for online venues vary based on individual passions. It is possible to work on designing business cards and brochures for other companies or to work with individuals who want to design a website. The key is finding a design related passion to maximize the service.

Affiliate Businesses

Affiliate marketing has long been a profitable online marketing scheme. Businesses related to affiliate marketing, such as a business that connects the seller of a product with potential affiliates, can earn a reasonable amount as a broker or middle-man. Creating a business around affiliate marketing is a simple business idea that works fully online.


Auctioning websites have created an online opportunity for businesses that are selling a hard products. By selling real products, like clothing or books, through an action website, a business is able to get a wider range of interested parties purchasing the products.

Auctioning businesses online are profitable if the right products are sold. Depending on the particular product sold, the amount of profit will vary. For example, high demand products like clothing or electronics are likely to gain higher profits than items with a lower demand like pens.

Selling eGoods

The term eGoods refers to products that are sold on devices like an MP3 player or an eReader. The particular item can vary, but sellers who provide a product on a particular device are likely to make a reasonable profit as an online business. The online business can range from selling eBooks in a format that is transferred to a preferred eReader or it can sell music, movies or other entertainment data in an appropriate format for an MP3 player or tablet.

Beyond the benefit of basic profitability, some businesses related to eGoods are not initially costly. Creating and selling an eBook, for example, can result in a low initial cost since it is related to personally putting in the effort to write or commission a book and then selling it for a high profit.

Selling Personal Talents

Selling a personal talent, such as creating a tutorial website and selling memberships to those who are interested in learning the topic, is a potentially profitable online business. Selling personal talents is about creating something other individuals want, like templates for social networking sites, or providing information to help others learn how to accomplish the task personally.

The benefit of selling a personal talent is that the individual and human aspect of the service is appealing to others. Furthermore, some online businesses that focus on a personal talent are possible to reuse. For example, selling templates for a popular social networking site does not necessarily mean making a new template for every individual. Instead, it means selling the same created template to several individuals who are interested in something unique.

The most profitable types of online businesses are those that work around the needs of potential customers. Selling products or services through a website or making use of existing websites can result in major gains as a business.


Luke Kellam is an online business marketing consultant and guest author at www.top-business-degrees.net, a site with information to help prospective students find the best business degree programs.