WW2 Vet Stands Up To Obama’s Gun Confiscation Plan


Reporter Jon Bowne hit the streets of Austin to get the local sheeple to sign a petition to confiscate guns across America. People in the “trendy” (mindless zombie) areas are always ready to sign petitions to bring in a totalitarian state. There is nothing they won’t sign as long as you tell them it is for Obama. We then contrasted the lemmings in Austin with a WW2 vet we met in California. We learned he was a vet after the interview. This man has his head screwed on straight, but veterans who have the mind set of the founding fathers are considered terrorists by our government.


Republished from: Infowars

  • David Mende

    Whatsamatta old man? You need your gun to murder people in Iran? You useless old piece of shit. You Republican Asshole.

    • Padre

      Glad to see you’ve worked out all your daddy issues, now go back to your latte……

    • Diogenes

      Dearest David Mende,

      When the cops aren’t IMMEDIATELY present, then upon whom do you depend for your own self-defense?

      Do you scream like a little girl (no offense intended to little girls here), curl-up into a ball, and shit yourself in the process?

      And then there’s this: WHAT IF the COPS are THEY aggressors?
      What then, YOU IDIOT?!!?!

  • Incriminally Sane

    Critical thinking is the most required but clearly the least desired process of the American people that needs to be changed but Obama’s Hopey Changey thingy ain’t going to work to fix this problem. What America needs is mental douche to clear out all the propaganda and fear that currently resides in the American human psyche. Americans have gotten so lazy, so dependent on everything being handed to them on a silver platter that when the hammer finally falls and the economy finally fails, Americans are going to freak out so badly that the system will gladly declare Martial Law to purge the unprepared fools out of society and place them in any one of the hundreds of camps to either awaken them to their new reality or bury them as the useless baggage they seem to resemble. Go on welfare, get a free phone, go on food stamps and eat like a king while the Government still has a few useless dollars to throw around the world, get it while it lasts and die from your dependency!