White supremacist planning takeover of small North Dakota town

Published time: September 20, 2013 02:22

Reuters / Jessica Rinaldi

A small North Dakota town has established a legal fund in hopes of fending off attempts by a white supremacist to buy up nearby plots of land and take over the city council.

Craig Cobb, 61, has purchased mostly vacant lots at low prices
from absentee owners in Leith, North Dakota, in an attempt to own
enough property to control the local government. The town is
located 51 miles southwest of Bismarck.

Cobb, a self-proclaimed white supremacist, is “wanted in
Canada for hate crimes”
based on federal charges filed in
2010 for posting hate material online.

County records show that Cobb has purchased 13 lots, The Bismarck
Tribune reported. He transferred two of those lots to other
parties: one to Tom Metzger, formerly the grand dragon of the
Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in California – which birthed the
White Aryan Resistance – and the other to Alex Linder, who
started the white supremacist website Vanguard News Network,
according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

In addition, a Michigan man who is a leader of the National
Socialist Movement has rented space in the town hall for a
meeting this weekend, The Tribune reported.

Cobb originally announced his plan last year on Vanguard News
Network, urging like-minded people “to move now and quietly
get going here without letting the cat out of the bag.”

He said he chose the town based on its proximity to decent jobs
and for its cheap utilities. He reportedly told workers at the
Grant County Courthouse that he has plans to change the name of
the town to “Cobbsville.”

A Leith town council member said the council has not received
support from county or state officials to block Cobb’s takeover
attempts. He added that the council is considering dissolving the
town, effectively giving control of the area back to the county.

UnityND, a group which confronts hate and racism in North Dakota,
created a website in response to Cobb’s attempts and will hold a
Sunday rally to encourage the town to block the 61-year-old’s

“We cannot accept this racist hatred they are bringing here.
Leith is in a crisis and is crying out for help,”
organizer Jeremy Kelly. “We need to show the Nazis that they
are absolutely not wanted there.”

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