Wesley Clark Says American People Like NSA Stasi State Spying On Them

Kurt Nimmo
June 28, 2013

On Thursday, CNN’s Erin Burnett continued the establishment’s propaganda onslaught against the “leaker” Edward Snowden. After fatuously mischaracterizing Snowden as a “hacker,” Brown introduced former General Wesley Clark and Peter Brookes of the Heritage Foundation, the lobbying outfit that takes money from the neocon Scaife Foundations run by the CIA operative and Operation Mockingbird asset Richard Mellon Scaife.

Clark, a notorious war criminal who used cluster bombs and depleted uranium on civilians during his rein as the Supreme Commander of NATO forces, said the American people love the idea of the government illegally and unconstitutionally spying on them. Clark told Burnett the “American people are solidly behind the prism program and all that’s going on,” never mind numerous polls indicating the American people are steadfastly opposed to the government’s surveillance programs.

Brookes underscored the establishment’s claim that Snowden is a spy guilty of espionage despite the fact he is not accused of working for a foreign government. “He’s a 30-year-old spy. He’s been charged with espionage,” Brookes insisted.

Clark and Brookes are part of the establishment media echo chamber declaring Edward Snowden is a traitor for revealing the unconstitutional behavior of government and its Stasi state apparatus. From The New Yorker to MSNBC and Politico and beyond, the corporate media is focusing on Snowden — his idiosyncrasies, his girlfriend, even the fact he did not finish high school — while ignoring the serial criminality of the NSA, the Obama administration and Congress.

“Only because of Snowden do we know that our government is storing records of our phone data that can be mined for God only knows how long,” writes Kirsten Powers for The Daily Beast.

In fact, we have known for a long time about the government — more specifically, the national security state — spying on the American people, commencing soon after its inception in 1947 and mushrooming under quaintly named programs such as Project SHAMROCK and sister program Project MINARET. Enough evidence was revealed by the Senate’s Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities back in 1976 to implicate the government in this sort of elicit behavior, but thanks to the establishment media and the public miseducation system millions of Americans are blissfully unaware of the crimes of the national security state.

As a side note, the above linked Senate report is flagged as a “badware” website by Google. “Many kinds of badware aren’t visible or obvious, and they can install silently as soon as you visit an infected page. Google’s detection systems are VERY accurate. We suggest you don’t visit the site again until the owner resolves the problem!”

In other words, Google thinks it is very accurate at steering folks away from the truth, in this instance documentary evidence that the government has long spied on the American people.

Google, as a trusted appendage of the national security state, has a vested interest in diverting the unsuspecting away from the truth the same as CNN, the consistently featherbrained Erin Burnett and government apologists Wesley Clark and Peter Brookes.



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