Video: Obama’s FCC Head Confronted Over Cell Phone Radiation

Activists in California from confronted Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler at a speech in Silicon Valley this week to bring up the link between cancer and cell phones.

Several activists can be heard interrupting Wheeler throughout his speech, asking why the FCC has ignored the safety issues surrounding cell phones, cell towers and smart meters.

“Hey Tom, how many people have to die from brain cancer before the federal government puts warning labels on cell phones?” one activist shouts.

Wheeler can be seen ignoring the questions, even smiling when the activist asks how much he is being paid by the Obama administration. Despite the onslaught of questions, Wheeler ignores the concerns and instead makes light of the situation.

Although event staff can immediately be seen removing the unknown activist from the roof, several others soon stand up.

“Thanks for my husbands brain tumor and many others, Tom,” a woman shouts.

Wheeler attempts to brush off concern by giving the crowd a bureaucratic answer with no substance.

Just last year, Storyleak’s Anthony Gucciardi joined RT’s The Truthseeker to break down the the known dangers of cellphone use.

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