Van Jones Criticizes Ted Cruz On Failed Effort to Defund Obamacare

Kurt Nimmo
October 11, 2013

Van Jones – former Obama adviser, Marxist, and founder of Green For All, an environmental organization in bed with Soros and the CIA’s Ford Foundation – asked Texas Senator Ted Cruz if he felt remorse for leading the Republican Party “into a ditch” in his failed effort to defund Obamacare.

Establishment Republicans are blaming Cruz and the Tea Party and Libertarian tinged faction in the House of Representatives for shutting down the government – or what the establishment media calls a shut down, in fact most of the government continued to function as normal – as part of a move to defund Obamacare and address the federal debt.

Despite Obamacare’s monumental dysfunction – the indisputable hallmark of any leviathan-sized government program – liberals in the media are hailing the rollout as a success, albeit with excusable “glitches.”

Cruz pointed out the failure in his exchange with Jones. He criticized Democrats for consistently attempting to avoid talking about the mandatory government program.

However, instead of engaging in the typical tit-for-tat, Republican-vs-Democrat partisan go-around of the sort that invariably dominates establishment politics, Cruz would have done better to point out of a few pertinent and undeniable facts: namely, Obamacare, regardless of what Democrat apologists like Van Jones empathically state, is a documented scam by the government designed to force Americans at gunpoint to pay for corporate health insurance, a scheme little different than state-enforced car insurance.

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