US role in Afghanistan to be ‘diminished’

The role of the United States in Afghanistan will be �œgreatly diminished” in the near future, a political commentator in Washington says, adding that other countries will then have room to play greater political role in the war-torn country and the region.

�œWhatever the future is for Afghanistan, the United States is going to be playing a greatly diminished role in that future,” said Jeff Steinberg, senior editor at the Executive Intelligence Review.

Afghanistan�™s big neighboring countries like China, India, Russia, Pakistan and Iran need to get together to help create some kind of viable security structure for the region once the US leaves, Steinberg told Press TV on Wednesday.

Delays in concluding a US-Afghan security agreement have renewed debate over America’s role in Afghanistan’s future.

The security deal with Washington would give immunity to US troops and allows them to stay in Afghanistan beyond the 2014 withdrawal deadline. US service members in Afghanistan already have immunity under Afghan law according to a deal brokered during the US-led occupation.

Washington, which had promised to withdraw all combat forces from Afghanistan by 2014, seeks to have a long-term military presence in the Asian country by signing the security deal with Kabul.

The United States and its allies invaded Afghanistan in October 2001 under the pretext of �œwar on terror.” A great number of Afghan civilians, including a large number of women and children, have been killed since then during night US-led raids by foreign forces and CIA-run assassination drone strikes.


Source: Press TV