US professors vote to boycott Israel

University of Michigan alumni, staff and community members protest for a University boycott against Israel, September 4, 2012.

A growing campaign among US academics to isolate Israel reaches a milestone as members of the American Studies Association have voted to endorse a resolution backing the academic boycott of the Zionist regime.

Two thirds of the 1,252 members who voted to boycott Israel for its treatment of Palestinians approved the measure, according to the ASA announcement Monday, a day after the deadline for voting.

The ASA’s national council voted unanimously on Dec. 4 in favor of a boycott resolution, and put the matter to a vote of its full members. A third of 3,853 eligible voters participated in the vote.

The unprecedented vote came as opponents of the boycott said at an ASA annual conference in Washington last month that the matter was too sensitive to be decided by the 20-member national council.

“During the open discussion at the recent convention, members asked us to draft a resolution that was relevant to the ASA in particular and so the Council’s final resolution acknowledged that the US plays a significant role in enabling the Israeli occupation of Palestine,” said an ASA statement.

The campaign to cut off ties with Israeli academic institutions dates back a decade, but it was not until April that an American academic group of any size endorsed a boycott, organizers said.

The boycott calls on American schools and academic groups to ban collaboration with Israeli institutions, but individual Israeli scholars who do not represent Tel Aviv would still be able to attend academic events in the United States.

It was the first time the American Studies Association has voted for an academic boycott of a country.


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Source: Press TV