‘US police have no regard for black lives’


Racism in the American society is �œheavily embedded within law enforcement agencies” and US police have �œno regard whatsoever for African-American lives,” says Abayomi Azikiwe, editor at Pan-African News Wire.

Concerns are being raised about discriminatory tactics used by US police against minorities as report after report shows how law enforcement agents across the US mistreat African-Americans and other minority groups.

On Thursday, a Detroit blog run by a former Detroit Free Press reporter posted photos and videos that showed police officers in the Detroit suburb of Grosse Pointe Park humiliated and harassed African-American men, forcing them to make animal sounds.

Moreover, a recent report showed last month that Los Angeles police officers trained police dogs to bite minorities. According to the report, all of the police dog bite victims in the first six months of this year were blacks and Latinos.

�œWe see an escalation of these attacks in the last several weeks, of course with the situation involving shooting death of so many African-Americans across the United States,” said Azikiwe in a phone interview with Press TV on Sunday.

�œIt shows that the racism in society is heavily embedded within the law enforcement agencies. The apparent claim that they were forcing African-Americans to act as if they were animals is clear indication of what most law enforcement agencies think about the African-American community,” he added.

Meanwhile, video from a police car dashboard camera released to ABC News affiliate KRQE-TV on Friday shows a police officer in New Mexico opening fire at a minivan full of African-American children after the children�™s mother who was pulled over for speeding drives away.

�œAlso, the situation in New Mexico shows the total disregard for African-American lives,” Azikiwe pointed out.


Source: Press TV

  • R.Sooriamoorthy

    Don’t forget that only yesterday segregation was the official policy in many parts of the US; that the US supported very strongly the Apartheid regime of Pretoria; and that war criminal Kissinger wanted the Israelis to adopt the South African method against the Palestinians.
    The US is certainly a great country.

  • Dave

    It’s very hard to feel any compassion for Blacks in America knowing that this group who me up 12% of the population commit 80% of the violent (extremely violent) crimes, many of which against whites as hate crimes.
    Cry me a river, I care not what happens to this savage sub-species who prey upon my race.

    • Chris

      No race has a monopoly on violence. There are good and bad, peaceful and violent people in all races. The vast majority of violent crime perpetrated by blacks in America is against other blacks. There is no need for you to sound so paranoid of blacks. They are not after you. The violent ones are too busy attacking other peaceful and violent blacks in their own communities.

  • skipNclair

    What you live in bubbles? come on people look around read listen, they are killing white , brown ,black, american indians they don’t discriminate they kill us all. hell they even kill innocent animals. wake up smell the coffee and stop playing this race card. they have a mentality of us against them.

  • Paul

    Statistically it would appear that black people have no regard for black lives. They have to change this, not white people or Police or whoever they want to keep blaming.

    • Chris

      The statistics show that over 90% of the stop and frisks in NY are done to Blacks and Hispanics. Statistics show that Blacks get higher conviction rates than Whites for the exact same crimes, and Blacks get longer prison sentences than Whites for the exact same crimes. The statistics clearly show continuing racial discrimination by Police and Judges in law enforcement.

  • whiteyward

    Divide us, split up our community, separate the races like the jews demand.The Backs are the example, like Palestine citizens, israel says they have no lives! The problem in America is capitalism and the constant use of competition to divide us. Corporations want the citizens upset and competing with each other for every crumb. But competition with other corporations is a sin. Great company’s supply teams for every town to compete. Called sports, they teach in school because they can not teach combat.