US planning to suspend military aid to Egypt – report

Published time: October 09, 2013 00:23

The United States has decided to cut off military aid to Egypt, a US official told CNN on condition of anonymity, adding that the suspension is expected to formally take place in the coming days.

The suspension of aid that will come in days was prompted by an
“accumulation of events,” the source added.

Another US official meanwhile told Reuters that the United States
is “leaning toward withholding” most of military aid from Egypt
except for the funds intended for counterterrorism actions and
providing Sinai security.

The decision has been made three months after the July military
coup against Islamist president Mohamed Morsi and the turmoil
that removed the Muslim Brotherhood from power in Egypt.

Independent sources so far have neither confirmed nor denied the
news. Reuters’ foreign policy and national security reporter
Patricia Zengerle tweeted that the White House has “nothing new
to announce” on the issue.

Thus far the United States has not officially recognized the July
event as a coup, keeping hundreds of millions of dollars in
economic and military aid to Egypt intact.

Egypt currently receives $1.5 billion in US aid annually – $1.3
billion of which is designated for the military.

In August, the US administration quietly suspended most military
aid and some forms of economic aid, stating that “no final
decisions have been made” but refusing to release the $585
million payment due to Egypt.


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