US-led soldier killed in Afghanistan

US-led soldiers patrol an area of Afghanistan. (file photo)

A US-led foreign soldier has been killed by an improvised explosive device (IED) in eastern Afghanistan, the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) says.

The US-led Western military alliance said in a statement that the soldier was killed in the roadside bomb explosion in the country’s east on Thursday.

The ISAF did not elaborate on the exact location of the incident or the nationality of the dead soldier.

According to the website, more than 3,316 US-led forces have been killed in the war-torn country since the beginning of the occupation in 2001.

The Taliban militants have increased their operations against foreign forces with the arrival of spring. Militancy continues to rise despite the presence of tens of thousands of foreign forces in Afghanistan.

The increasing number of military casualties in Afghanistan has caused widespread anger in the US and other NATO member states, undermining public support for the Afghan war.


This article originally appeared on: Press TV