US has ‘ulterior motives’ in Afghanistan

The US government has �œulterior motives” for the military occupation of Afghanistan and wants to extend its military presence in the country for its �œown purposes,” an activist says.

�œThe United States has ulterior purposes as it had from the very beginning when we invaded Afghanistan as you recall 12 years ago,” Karen Kwiatkowski, a former Pentagon official in Virginia, told Press TV on Monday.

The reason the US military went into Afghanistan was for its �œown purposes,” not for Afghan stability, she added.

Another motive for the Pentagon to keep some forces in Afghanistan is related to the military budget, Kwiatkowski said.

�œWithdrawing completely from Afghanistan would require or at least justify a great reduction in the military expenses and even the size of the military,” she added.

�œKeeping forces in Afghanistan works for the Pentagon, it works somewhat for Washington DC, it is filling a need that we have as an imperial nation, but I don�™t think it does much good for the Afghans.”

The US and Afghanistan are at loggerheads over a stalled security agreement that Afghan President Hamid Karzai has refused to sign despite increasing US pressure.

The Bilateral Security Agreement would provide US troops immunity from prosecution in Afghan courts and allow thousands of US and NATO troops to stay in the country after 2014.

The United States has 47,000 troops in Afghanistan and has discussed plans with Kabul to leave about 8,000 there post-2014. US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has said that he supports a NATO force in Afghanistan well beyond 2014.


Source: Press TV