US Govt Spied On German Parliamentary Investigation Into US Govt Spying On Germans

This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license. 

Similar to NSA’s Spying On U.S. News Media to See What They Knew About NSA Spying

The German Parliament is holding hearings into NSA spying on Germany. (Senior NSA veterans Bill Binney and Thomas Drake provided testimony).

A German intelligence officer from the BND has been arrested for spying on the Parliamentary hearings … or and on behalf of the U.S. government.

Glenn Greenwald tweets:

That’d be the ultimate irony: US Govt spied on German parliamentary investigation into US Govt spying on Germans

This is similar to the NSA’s spying on American news organizations starting in 2002 to see what they knew — and planning to report — about NSA’s mass surveillance program against Americans.