US actively spying on India: Report

British media reports say that India is among the top five countries in the world monitored by the US National Security Agency (NSA), Press TV reports.

A report published by UKâ„¢s Guardian said in March, the NSA gathered some 6.3 billion pieces of computer network data in India.

According to the report, Egypt came in fourth with 7.6 billion pieces of its computer data being gathered by the US. Jordan was third with 12.7 billion, Pakistan second with 14 billion, and Iran first with 14 billion pieces of its intelligence being recorded by the NSA.

Meanwhile, the Indian government has itself introduced a Central Monitoring Service and intelligence agency capable of recording and monitoring internet data and telephone conversations.

Many analysts are concerned over the recent developments.

Å“It would really help to have laws that are horizontal protection. That is to say not just protection against unnecessary and unwarranted state intrusion, but also protections on rules as to how a large private company can ask you for data and ways in which it can use that data,” cyber security analyst Chinmayi Arun said.

The report comes as Washington is under fire over recent revelations showing that the NSA has ordered Verizon Phone Company to collect and submit phone records of tens of millions of its American customers.

The NSA also has access to internet servers and is capable of gathering electronic communication data from companies like Face book and Google.


This article originally appeared on: Press TV