UK’s phone-hacking probe widened

Britain’s wide-ranging probe into phone hacking scandal has expanded beyond the media industry bringing companies and individuals under investigation, local media reported.

This comes as Scotland Yard explicitly verified that dozens of people detained are not linked to the media as the prime suspect in the case.

According to media reports British police have also revealed that some of the more than 125 people arrested have nothing to do with the media.

They have been nabbed as part of probe into hacking, eavesdropping and police bribery, British media quoted Scotland Yard as saying.

Police said in a statement on Tuesday that they are investigating targets beyond the media outlets gripped into the phone-hacking scandal.

However, police said they will not succumb to pressure to disclose names of other people or entities under probe.

According to the statement police say they “will not risk prejudicing future potential prosecutions” by releasing such details.

Earlier, a top British judge has deplored the Metropolitan Police for its inadequate investigations into the now defunct ËœNews of the Worldâ„¢ phone hacking scandal.

High court justice Vos made the criticism during a pre-trial hearing for the complaints by former Sky Sports commentator Andy Gray and actor Steve Coogan who have sued the newspaper for instructing its private investigator Glenn Mulcaire to intercept their phone messages.

Å“The Metropolitan police had not done an appropriate job in analyzing phone-hacking… information in their possession. They didn’t disclose highly relevant information,” Vos said.


Republished from: Press TV