UK’s bedroom tax branded as ‘mistake’

British Liberal Democrat peer Baroness Shirley Williams has criticized the government™s controversial œbedroom tax”, describing the policy as a œbig mistake”.

Speaking to the BBC™s Pienaar™s Politics at the Liberal Democrats™ annual conference in Glasgow on Saturday, Williams said the UK government can only tackle the mistake of the under-occupancy charge if it pursues a œmajor social housing program”.

Being asked about the Coalition’s welfare reforms, she said, “I’m very worried, I can’t say I’m not. I find it very hard indeed to raise the slightest enthusiasm for the bedroom tax.”

Her criticism comes as Britain™s Labour party leader Ed Miliband is expected to announce later this week his intention to abolish the controversial policy if elected.

The “bedroom tax”, which was introduced in April, refers to a cut in housing benefit for claimants whose home has a spare room.

Recently, the UN Special Investigator on Housing Raquel Rolnik also called on the Tory-led government to abolish cuts in housing benefit for those with spare bedrooms.

Earlier in August, thousands of Britons took part in a “mass sleep out” in towns and cities across the UK to show their anger against the government’s changes to the country’s welfare system.


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