UKIP MEP barred for insulting remarks

A UK Independence Party (UKIP) politician has faced disciplinary action after insulting some women at a party conference.

At Friday™s UKIP’s annual conference, addressing an event called “women in politics”, Godfrey Bloom Member of the European Parliament (MEP) said œthis place is full of sl***”.

Speaking to British journalists, the MEP defended the comments, saying he made a joke that everyone, including women attending the event, had laughed at.

A reporter from Channel 4 questioned Bloom over why it did not feature any ethnic minorities in its party despite its “changing the face of politics” party.

The Yorkshire and Humber MEP was later filmed hitting Channel 4 News reporter after he was asked why there were no ethnic minorities on a campaign flyer.

Bloom called the reporter œracist” and hit him with the UKIP™s conference leaflet.

UKIP chairman Steve Crowther said the whip would be removed from Bloom and he would be suspended from formal involvement in party business.

The sanction does not affect Bloom™s position as an MEP.


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