UK PM brands Labour tax policy ‘nuts’

British Prime Minister David Cameron has described Labour leader Ed Miliband™s policy on tax as œnuts”, adding that the proposals could put businesses at risk.

Speaking ahead of Conservative party conference in Manchester, Cameron said the Labour™s plans to raise corporation tax and freeze energy bills could jeopardize the country™s economic recovery.

œIt is nuts, frankly, to put up corporation tax. Jaguar Land Rover is now making world-beating cars, selling them all over the world, and Ed Miliband wants to put up their taxes. That is nuts,” Cameron told the Andrew Marr Show.

Telling businesses that they have to pay more tax means œtake your job somewhere else” and this is an anti-business approach, Cameron said.

Earlier last week, Miliband announced plans to increase corporation tax for large companies if his party wins in the next general election.

The Labour leader said giant companies have enjoyed the corporation tax cut thanks to Chancellor George Osborne, adding the move has put many small businesses at risk.


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