UK MPs urge police to ban EDL march

Two Bradford MPs in Britain have demanded a ban on a planned march of English Defence League (EDL) in UK™s northern city of Bradford; as police urge people to avoid the far-right group.

On Thursday, MPs George Galloway and Gerry Sutcliffe asked West Yorkshire™s Police Commissioner and Chief Constable to reverse authorization of the march that will see EDL supporters coming from across the country to Bradford on Saturday, October 12.

Police and Bradford Council chiefs responded by saying they had no legal powers to abort the march, as it had already received official clearance.

Galloway said: œThe EDL are a scourge who seek to sow division and hatred wherever they go. Time and again, people from ethnic minorities, their places of worship, passersby and even the police have been subject to terrible abuse and even violence from the thugs who come on all their events.”

Three years ago, a similar rally engulfed Bradford with scuffles breaking out between EDL members, police and counter-demonstrators.

Galloway said he was œvery disappointed” that police officials failed to place a ban on EDL and allowed them to œgather behind City Hall”.

œI am still calling on the police to change their decision on this. The last thing Bradford city centre needs is these people coming from outside Bradford to try and intimidate and abuse shoppers on a busy Saturday afternoon.”


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