‘UK is paying for complicity in Syria’

British Respect MP George Galloway has described the Woolwich attack as an “indefensible crime”, saying that Britain’s complicity in Syria is equally reprehensible.

Galloway said the London attack, in which a soldier was beheaded by two assailants, was similar to incidents taking place in Syria every day, adding that Britain is helping to pay for that Å“sickening barbarism” in the Arab country.

“This sickening atrocity in London is exactly what we are paying the same kind of people to do in Syria,” Galloway tweeted.

“We’ve all seen, if we care to watch, not just innumerable snuff videos of the Syrian rebels cutting people’s heads off but cutting off their hearts and eating their hearts on camera”.

Bradford West MP in the House of Commons also condemned the extremist English Defence League (EDL) attacks on mosques following the Woolwich murder and described the group as Å“hooligans”.

“The British people are too sensible to follow these moral dwarves”, he added.

Galloway is expected to ask British Prime Minister David Cameron in the Parliament to outline the key differences between the fanatic act in Woolwich and the ones supported by the UK in Syria.


This article originally appeared on: Press TV