UK households to be £1,600 worse off

A study shows that UK households on benefits will lose £1,600 a year due to welfare reforms.

British households on benefits will receive £1,615 a year less under the governmentâ„¢s welfare reforms, a study has found.

According to a report by the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion, the Tory-led governmentâ„¢s new welfare system would affect living standards of those British people who have no opportunities to be employed.

The study, commissioned by the Local Government Association, also predicted that of the 1.18 million UK households where no one works, almost 75 percent will see their incomes drop.

Å“The Government has tried to sell its welfare reforms on the back of mistruths and nasty stereotypes. However, this research exposes what a devastating impact its policies are having on communities throughout the country,” said Frances Oâ„¢Grady, the TUCâ„¢s general secretary.

British Chancellor George Osborne, however, claimed in this yearâ„¢s Spending Review that the governmentâ„¢s welfare reforms would change British peopleâ„¢s lives for the better.

The UK governmentâ„¢s changes to the country’s welfare system, including the controversial “bedroom tax” have been widely criticized for targeting the most vulnerable in the society.

Thousands of people took to the streets across more than 50 towns and cities in Britain at the end of March to call for the Tory-led government to axe cuts to housing benefit for those with spare bedrooms.


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Republished from: Press TV