UK House of Lords backs gay marriage

Britain’s House of Lords have supported same-sex marriage bill, moving the initiative a step closer to becoming law in England and Wales.

The “wrecking” amendment aimed at blocking the gay marriage bill, which was tabled by crossbench peer Lord Dear, was defeated by 390 votes to 148.

However, anti-same sex marriage campaigners, including Coalition for Marriage, opposed the coalition governmentâ„¢s proposed bill.

“The debate lifted the lid on the shoddy and undemocratic tactics of the Government who remain determined to ram this legislation through Parliament at all costs,” said campaign director Colin Hart.

The archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has also warned that the draft legislation was in an “awkward shape” and would undermine marriage as the basis for rearing children.

Recently, leaders of Britain’s major faiths called on British Prime Minister David Cameron to halt the plan to allow gay marriage in the UK, suggesting it would “devalue the meaning” of the institution.

On May 21, the House of Commons voted to allow gay marriage in England and Wales despite fierce opposition from the majority of Conservative MPs.


This article originally appeared on: Press TV