UK govt. policies on migrants, ‘racist’

Britain™s shadow Home Secretary has warned the government over its controversial advertising vans that threaten immigrants to œGo Home”, saying they replicate National Front™s racist rhetoric from the 1970s.

At the Labour Party Conference in Brighton on Wednesday, Yvette Cooper said the Home Office vans were a œdisgrace” since the similar slogans that urged migrants to leave were used 40 years ago.

She warned of a divide between cultures in Britain amid major riots sparked by the fascist English Defence League (EDL) and said it was proof that the Conservative œnasty party” has returned.

Racial profiling is evident at tube stations in London as officers check immigration statuses based on the œcolour of their skin” and ethnicity of the passerby, Cooper said.

The comments from the shadow Home Secretary come amid a wave of posters going up around migration reporting centers in Glasgow and west London urging immigrants to leave, which are deemed to affect people seeking to settle in the UK on a personal level.

The posters are part of the Home Office™s anti-immigration campaign, which has already seen vans drive around London with the message œgo home or face arrest”.


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