UK energy bills up 20% by 2020

Britons will average annual energy bills will rise by 20 percent by 2020 due to increasing costs of policies and transportation.

UK-based energy supplier RWE npower said the hike in energy bills will have nothing to dowith wholesale prices or companiesâ„¢ profiteering despite the public belief that companies, rather than the government, are responsible for more financial burdens on household.

According to the German electricity and gas supplier, the average household energy bill will be around £1,487 annually in seven years time that is £240 higher than current rates.

The company added much of the extra cost will be rooted in government energy efficiency and green policies along with growing costs of transporting electricity and gas across Britain.

Å“This isn’t about shifting responsibility – energy suppliers (also) need to play a big part in communicating this message and supporting customers,” RWE npower chief executive Paul Massara said.

The report showed the share of government programs on energy costs will hit 22 percent by 2020, compared to seven percent in 2007.

This is while the government has rejected the report saying gas prices, rather than government policies, are increasing energy costs.


Republished with permission from: Press TV