UK embassy withdraws staff from Libya

Britain is withdrawing some diplomats from its embassy in Libya over concerns about Å“ongoing political uncertainty”, the countryâ„¢s Foreign Office has disclosed in a statement.

An undisclosed number of British diplomats, who work with Libyan ministries, will be subject to temporary withdrawal amid the latest demonstrations in the countryâ„¢s capital city Tripoli.

Å“Given the security implications of the ongoing political uncertainty, the British Embassy is temporarily withdrawing a small number of staff,” said the statement.

The Foreign Office also announced the British embassy will stay “open as usual”, including for consular and visa services.

Last month, the first major attack on a foreign embassy happened in Tripoli, where a car bomb exploded outside the French embassy, wounding two French guards and several residents.

The French and the British forces spearheaded the US-backed military intervention in Libya that toppled former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Last year, the US consulate in Benghazi in eastern Libya was attacked, killing Ambassador Chris Stevens and two of his guards.


This article originally appeared on : Press TV