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UK border cops rob cellphones of data

The UK government has allowed its border police to grab mobile phone data from anyone entering Britain without any justification, under a so-called anti-terror law.

Tesa Arcilla, Correspondent for the Russia Today (RT) news channel, reported that the UK police can take mobile phones from anyone they want and go through œtheir private data; download and store them”, under a so-called anti-terror law.

Arcilla also reported that the police officers don™t even have to have a reason of suspicion to take people™s mobile phones and then keep them for as long as they feel is essential.

Freedom Association director Dia Chakravarty denounced the rule stating that there has to be a good enough reason for the state to œintrude” on people™s right to privacy in a democracy.

She added that police officers holding people™s information for as long as they œdeem necessary, really isn™t acceptable”.

This comes as the law also allows UK police officials to detain citizens for up to nine hours and hold on to their possessions for up to a week.

A report from Her Majesty™s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC), stresses that out of the one million people stopped every year, less than 10 percent of them are actually arrested.


Republished with permission from: Press TV


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