UK: Bahrain must respect human rights

Bahraini mourners attend the funeral of Yussef al-Nashmi in the western Manama suburb of Jidd Hafs, on October 12, 2013

British Foreign Office Minister for Middle East Affairs Hugh Robertson has called on the al-Khalifa regime in Bahrain to fulfil their obligations concerning human rights.

Robertson, who took the position on October 7, also said Britain will seriously follow all cases of human rights abuse in Bahrain, including mistreatment of detainees.

The comment came after the death of Bahraini Shia activist Yousef Al-Nashmi who died on Friday due to what the Bahraini non-governmental organization Bahrain Center for Human Rights said was denial of medical treatment and torture.

œThe BCHR is gravely concerned that Al-Nashmi, like Mohammed Mushaima, is the victim torture and denial of adequate medical care causing death. Prisoners in Bahrain are systematically denied adequate medical care,” the organization said.

œThe continuation of the current violations against all prisoners in Bahrain may lead to future loss of lives,” it added.

Bahrain has recently faced scathing criticism internationally for its treatment of pro-democracy protesters and prisoners.

During the UN Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva back in September, 47 governments issued a joint statement on the matter which accompanied a damning resolution by the European Parliament and a public reproach from the UN Commissioner for Human Rights.

Meanwhile, the British ambassador in Geneva said at the time that the Bahraini government had misrepresented a private meeting he held with the Bahraini minister for human rights by claiming London backs the al-Khalifa™s human rights record.


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