Tweeting Like A Pro – Some Useful Twitter Tools To Use For Your Marketing

Similar to Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn, Twitter is an integral component of any social media marketing campaign. The said microblogging site is simply an indispensable tool for most marketers since it allows them to send real time and direct to the point text-based posts (tweets) about their brands or businesses to a wide audience.

If you have already been using Twitter as a part of your social marketing campaign, you are probably aware how a 140-character post can make a huge difference in your business. You can further improve those tweets if you utilize the available tools on Twitter. The problem, however, is that with over 1.5 millions applications — and continuously growing — registered in the platform, it can be quite overwhelming to know which ones will add real value to your marketing campaign. Hence, in order to help you out, here are some of the best Twitter tools that will let you tweet like a pro and improve your Twitter marketing.

Twylah — For Long Lasting Tweets

The same thing as the number of characters in your tweet is limited so is their life span. At an average, the links you fire away on Twitter will only last for 3 hours, based on the research carried out by Hence, if you would want to make your marketing tweets last longer for more visibility, you might want to use Twylah.

Twylah is a great application that lets you capture, save and post all of your tweets from your stream on a Twylah page. This in turn allows your followers to learn more about the topics you are posting and get a good picture of what your business is all about. Your Twylah page is also surrounded by content relevant to your business and is proven to increase engagement.

Tweriod — Best Times to Tweet

In social media platforms, timing is everything. So if you want to make sure that your tweets will be seen by a wider audience, it pays to know which times are ideal to fire away those tweets, and Tweeriod can do just that for you.

Tweriod is a wonderful analysis application that finds out when you will be able to reach the most audience. The application analyzes factors like how well your previous 200 tweets performed at different times as well as when most of your followers are online. These data are delivered to you in the form of a report that contains detailed breakdown, which you can use to improve the exposure of your tweets.

Buffer — For Improved Tweeting Results

So you’ve read a great article, pictures, videos that you think are worth sharing to your followers. However, you are not sure if you should be bombarding them with these finds all at the same time. Don’t fret because Buffer is here to help you.

Buffer allows you to add all your tweets — be they articles, videos and pictures — in one place (Buffer page) and all of them will be automatically posted for you at optimal times throughout the day. Another thing worth mentioning about Buffer is that it provides you with analytics for every tweet you make include the number clicks and retweets.

SocialBro — For Detailed Analytics

If you want to keep track of your Twitter account without necessarily going technical, SocialBro is something you should include in your toolbox. The app is designed to let you sift through the best analytics about your account, allowing you to measure your influence. With this app you can track those who follow you based on different aspects such as language, time zone and tweets per day. You can also use the available to exactly point out where most of your followers live.

Twibs and TweetLevel — Know who to follow

When it comes to Twitter, networking is vital. As much as you wanted to be followed, you would also want to follow and connect with people who have a strong impact on your niche. Hence, try using Twibs and TweetLevel.

Twibs is a Twitter business portal that features thousand of businesses that are on Twitter. You can search through the categories that include bloggers, business services, community and education, and electronics among others. Each of these have other subcategories, allowing you to find the right people.

Meanwhile, TweetLevel also lets you find people using different parameters like their popularity, influence, trust or engagement as well as based on topics and keywords.

The applications mentioned above are just some of the numerous useful applications that you can find over at Twitter. By using these in your marketing campaign, you are sure to improve the way you send those tweets on Twitter.

How about you, what Twitter apps are you using to game up your Twitter marketing campaign?

Article written by Ericka who works for RFK Solutions Ltd a UK based SEO company. They carry out wide range of SEO services and also Website Design.