‘Too many holes in US 9/11 narrative’

An American analyst has questioned the US government™s account of September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City, saying the narrative does not sit well with reason.

Speaking in Press TV’s The Debate program on the 12th anniversary of 9/11, Idaho-based author and journalist, Mark Glenn said the manner and circumstance of the incident, such as the œfreefall fashion” of the collapse of the Twin Towers in Manhattan, run counter to the US government™s claims regarding the alleged al-Qaeda attack.

œThe timing of them falling in the way that they could, it is simply, physically impossible for them to have fallen like that in a freefall-type of situation without it having being done by deliberate demolitions,” Glenn explained.

œThe official narrative here is that these two airliners that were flown into the Twin Towers were responsible for destroying these buildings. Now where was the airliner flying into Building 7 (located across from the World Trade Center site) that led to its destruction?” he questioned.

“That is a big, glaring question that needs to be answered and I think that will not be answered by the people who have a lot to hide by an honest and open investigation into what took place on 9/11,” he added.

The analyst cited media reports of five Israeli spies arrested on the morning of 9/11 after they were detected across the river in the Liberty State Park, New Jersey, filming the towers coming down.

Glenn said the agents were then quietly sent back to Israel by the then Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, and later admitted on Israeli TV that they were Mossad spies sent to ˜document the event™.

“As many as 200 other Mossad agents were arrested prior to and immediately after 9/11, all of whom failed lie detector tests about who they were … they all had military training especially with electronic intercepts and with the handling of explosives — and these individuals were all sent back to Israel,” he stated.

Glenn further described al-Qaeda as “an instrument of American and Israeli intelligence services,” helping Washington and Tel Aviv to wage wars across the Middle East as part of their Greater Israel Project.

œThat is what this war on terror is all about, in addition to war against Islam because it is the only philosophical impediment to the takeover of the entire world,” he stated.


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