To Alex Jones: Weighing in on the D.C. Shooting

No one may utilize lethal force simply because their orders were not followed

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Oct. 7, 2013

I was listening to your show today and heard a clip from the Mike Savage Show where Mr. Savage was arguing with a former Marine who had called in to disagree with him. It was in the course of listening to this clip that I went off on my own tangent regarding the D.C. shooting, which I would now like to share. I will admit that I have never been a Marine or a Police Officer, and I cannot claim to know how either are trained or what regulations either would specifically have to follow. I also admit here that I have never fired a shot in anger, that I have never been in a situation in which the threshold for lethal force had been met.

What I do make the claim to is being a former sailor who has been qualified on the 9mm Beretta, the M-16, the 12 gauge shotgun, the M-2 Machine gun, the 25mm Chain gun, and to have been trained though not qualified on the M-240. I have been qualified to stand watch as Topside Rover, ECP (Entry Control Point), and SCAT (Small Caliber Action Team). I have participated in a number of Anti-Terrorism Force Protection drills, and numerous armed watches stood underway and in port both in CONUS (CONtinental United States) and in foreign port. It from that position that I will weigh in on this subject.

To start with, there are a number of of offenses that can justify the use of lethal or deadly force. The failure to follow an order in and of itself is not one of them. No one may utilize lethal force simply because their orders were not follow. If I had ever used such force for such a reason, then I would be staying in Leavenworth right now making bigger rocks into gravel. Now if you try to say “well, she was trying gain access to a restricted area,” would you happen to like any of the Naval ships sitting in port at any given time? If someone was trying to gain access to the ship inappropriately, we were authorized to use the force continuum along the line from yelling at them to tackling them if necessary. However, we could not draw down and shoot them unless we could demonstrate opportunity, capability, and intent with some leniency regarding intent. The only places that I know of where lethal force is unquestionably authorized for crossing over into a restricted area are locations housing the nations nuclear arsenal. Even then, every effort possible will be made to wave off or deter the offending party. Anyone who is properly qualified in the use of lethal force will know and fully understand this.

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