The Government Is Now God To Many

Anthony Gucciardi
August 13, 2013

The Orwellian video of a young boy praying to Obama and thanking him for providing for his family as if Obama were God Himself is not just a horrifying viral video – it is a true symbol of what government is today. To many, government IS God.

You see, the viral video is much more than just a disturbing case of a young boy led astray by his friends and family that undoubtedly worship Obama themselves. It’s not even just a disturbing video that highlights the true lack of real information that children within the US are facing. Instead, this video is much more.

It is a true testament to just how deeply our bloated federal government has entrenched itself into our society. It is a true testament to the transition of Obama and government at large from ‘Big Brother’ to ‘Big Daddy’ – the concept that the government will take care of you and wash away your fears.


We now live in a society that truly relies on the government (which really only has Obama as the figurehead) for the most basic of necessities. A society that now has 101 million Americans relying on Obama’s government for food stamps in the face of economic collapse. But what’s far worse is the fact that the bloated government is actually generating this economic collapse, only to later come in and ‘take care’ of US citizens afterwards.

And we’ve seen this throughout history where government is the provider for men, women, and children across the nation. Whether we’re talking about the Soviet promise to provide every basic need to the people and run their lives, or the more literal example of monarchs declaring that they were divine entities incapable of doing wrong —time and time again we see government play God, but always with a slightly different angle.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Today, the United States government is able to pretend it is God by providing for the poverty-stricken society… after originally funneling all of our taxpayer dollars into the very same mega banks that are decimating the financial infrastructure of the nation and openly funding drug cartels.

So remember, this young boy isn’t the only one led astray. Millions around the globe may not pray to their government (some certainly do), but they accept their Big Daddy government provisions with open arms. What these blind men and women cannot see, however, is that accepting Big Daddy government into your life is to immediately surrender your liberties as well. Big Daddy government stands for slavery, poverty, and even more government.

Forget Big Daddy government and come to the real living God instead, whose very name now is considered ‘politically incorrect’ by the indoctrinated masses.

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