Texas Police Officer Knocks Teeth Out of Female Pedestrian


Julie Wilson
July 17, 2013

A Texas police officer has been jailed after he assaulted a woman who had the audacity to walk by the scene of his traffic stop.

San Marcos, Texas Cpl. James Angelo Palermo

San Marcos, Texas Cpl. James Angelo Palermo

The confrontation with the officer left the woman with a concussion and several missing teeth, an ordeal that is sure to leave her traumatized for a lifetime.

During a midnight shift, 40-year old Corporal James Angelo Palermo, pulled over a Toyota Prius on May 29 around 1:00a.m. for traveling the wrong way down a one-way street.

When a female pedestrian passed by his traffic stop, Cpl. Palermo questioned the woman, asking why she was walking by his stop. He then insisted she provide her identification.

After the woman pronounced her innocence, Cpl. Palermo took immediate action and slammed her against the Prius and onto the concrete.

He then arrested her for obstruction.

Once Cpl. Palermo’s supervisors reviewed the case, the woman was released.

Cpl. Palermo, who had been with the San Marcos Police Department (SMPD) for 13 years, was arrested on July 16 for aggravated assault by a public servant.

In a statement issued by the SMPD, “Cpl. James Palermo was charged with aggravated assault with serious bodily injury by a public servant, a first degree felony, in connection with an incident that occurred May 29 in which a woman suffered serious injuries during an arrest.”

The incident took place in San Marcos, Texas, a popular college town just twenty miles south of Austin, home to Texas State University.

Police Chief Howard Williams ordered an internal investigation on the veteran officer a few days after the incident occurred.

Since June 10, Cpl. Palermo had been placed on administrative leave while an investigation was conducted by the Hays County District Attorney’s Office and by a prosecutor with the Texas Attorney General’s Office.

Cpl. Palermo is currently sitting in the Hays County Jail while he awaits his sentencing.


Republished with permission from: Infowars

  • mamba

    “while awaiting sentencing” = “while we figure out what loophole will allow him to justify his actions with minimal repercussions to him or us as we have to stick together since administrative leave sounded too much like paid vacation to the rest of the world!”

  • JustMe

    That keeps him away from the press so the community does not get into an uproar and fire the chief and prosecutor. It also keeps others he may have assaulted from coming forward. Had he not worked for the government, the tape would have been reviewed, and he would have been arrested within minutes. At that point, he would be fair game for reporters.

    The month and a half is all about finding out what the plaintiff has for evidence and injuries and limiting liability. This is an unfair advantage and the prosecutor and police chief should be sued under the equal protection clause of the constitution. It does not take a month and a half to review the tape.

    It takes time to purge his records, allow other video tape to be erased and see who comes tried to come forward with similar claims. Would not be surprised if those that do have an accident during that 45 day period or are blackmailed into silence.

  • It is I only

    Don’t they have a tree growing outside the jail?
    Yes! Hang him on the highest branch by his neck!

  • Davidski

    Assholes in uniform are still assholes. No wonder they have zero respect in the community anymore.